Morphe 25A palette, worth £19?

Hey there lovelies!

To add to my growing makeup collection, i’ve purchased another Morphe palette. I have been a big fan of Morphe ever since they were highly spoken about by a lot of beauty influencers on social media. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t always buy everything they rave about, a particular product has to really grab my attention for me to spend money.

Browsing on Beauty Bay, I came across this palette that looked like something i’d most certainly enjoy using, now Beauty Bay i must add is one of my favourite online makeup stores, i  always end up purchasing even when i’ve said to myself i’m only window shopping, yea right! Haha.

Of course i quickly grabbed this palette as things on Beauty Bay go so fast, ‘you snooze you lose’. It has been my ‘go to’ it consists of some really gorgeous warm shades, that are perfect for everyday wear or any occasion for that matter. I can never have too many neutral palettes as i always wear them more than i do bolder more vibrant shades.

This palette has 25 shades, ranging from taupes, beige, browns, golds to blacks. Basically you get a decent selection of warm tones.

IMG_0189FullSizeRender-39 8


1st row

The first row swatched ok, i use the beige  shades for my brow bone highlight. If you’re going to use on the lids, then you’ll definitely have to build them up.


2nd row

I don’t care much for the second row, it’s my least favourite in the palette. I don’t know what exactly i’d use these to do, but i’m sure they can also be used as lid colours. They aren’t as pigmented either.


3rd row

The third row again was just ok, let’s just say the first three rows in this palette were not the best.


4th row

Now the fourth row is my absolute favourite, just look at how pigmented these shades are! The shimmer or foiled shades are hands down the best in the palette. They are super pigmented, smooth and blend like a dream.


5th row

The fifth row wasn’t bad either, the shades are pigmented as well.

My overall thoughts on this palette, i would say it is definitely a mixed bag! The first three rows weren’t up to much.

Is it worth £19? In my opinion not really, Morphe has other palettes which have 35 shades, and some have amazing pigmentation selling at £22, now that’s a better deal. I guess it comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Here’s a look i created using this palette, i have to say i really loved the outcome!


Thank you for indulging me.


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Pro artist by Style essentials palettes

Hello gorgeous people,

I stumbled upon these palettes in Tk Maxx a few weeks ago. If you know me, you’ll know that i won’t pass a makeup brand i have no knowledge of without wanting to try them. Might i add that i’m somewhat of a makeup hoarder!


Let’s talk about these palettes, i don’t know if you guys are familiar with this brand called Pro Artist by Style essentials but i wasn’t. Me being the curious cat had to purchase their whole line without pondering. Usually when i’m trying out a new brand, i’d buy one item and see how i feel, but these were so affordable, ranging from £5.99 each for the blush and bronzer palettes, £7.99 each for the eyeshadow and concealer palette. I wasn’t even sure if they’d still be there when i go back, so i grabbed all.

Eyeshadow palette

I swatched the eyeshadow palette and it was what i anticipated, some were a little pigmented, while others not so much, was i disappointed? Not even slightly, this was purely impulse buying.

No doubt you’ll definitely need a primer or a base of some sort to make these eyeshadows work. The palette consists of 28 neutral shades, so this would be perfect for the nude lovers. In terms of their consistency i’d say they were a bit smooth, they didn’t come off as chalky as i thought they would, just not as pigmented as i would’ve liked, however it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. I swatched the 4th row to give you a clue. With building the shadows up you’ll see a difference, which was what i did in the swatch.


Blush paletteimg_2600img_2463

This palette contains 10 blushers, the row that i swatched which was the bottom row, it would work for women of colour, as for some of the other shades, like the more subtle ones, they’d be perfect for lighter skin tones. These were a just a little bit chalky for my liking.

Bronzer palette

The bronzer palette i’d say would work for both darker skin tones and lighter skin tones, from the swatches i did you can determine which works for you, even though i only did one row,  let’s just say the top row has a few lighter shades, this is just to give you an idea. As for me i tried the darkest shade which is the first on the last row and it worked well.


Concealer and corrector palette

When it comes on to concealers i never discriminate as there are so many ways you can make it work. Now for this concealer palette, you’ll have to build up the concealer, they are not creamy, not even slightly, but it can definitely do the job if you add a bit of oil during application. It has a wide range of shades, including ones for colour correcting. In all there are 8 shades for colour correcting and 12 for concealing.


In conclusion, these Pro Artist by Style Essentials palettes, need a bit more work, if they are to compete with the other brands on the market. A little tweaking here and there would do them a world of good. As i have been using making for a very long time, i know how to make things work when they aren’t the best. I guess if you’re a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast they are worth a shot, just to play around with, no serious business haha.

I give them a 5/10. Has anyone else tried these? I’d like to know.

Shaunz xo

Fall/Autumn inspired look #2



Get into this Fall/Autumn look i created. I’m totally obsessed with the lips, give me dark, vampy, matte lips any day!

The eyes were a combination of dark brown, green and a shimmery taupe. I swept the green under the lash line to bring the look up a notch. These lashes which i’m not such a fan of, are either from Amazon or Ebay.

The lips which are my favourite part of the entire look. I used Coloured Raine liquid lipstick in ‘Tootsie’. This dries to an absolute matte finish, highly pigmented, long lasting and it’s also kiss proof. This particular brand of liquid lipsticks are worn by stars like Rihanna, so you know they have to be of good quality and indeed they are! Coloured Raine is also paraben, gluten  and cruelty free, it is also vegan friendly. They are a bit on the pricey side though, got mine from  Beauty bay for £15.

Hope you like this look as much as i do, please check out the video. Thank you.


Fall inspired look #1/Morphe 35U palette




I’ve been putting my Morphe 35U palette to use, starting off with this Fall inspired look. I loved the way it turned out, especially with the bold, glossy lips, as i hardly ever wear lip gloss.

The eyes are meant to be a mixture of berry shades, however they do come off a little pink on camera. I had so much fun doing this look, as a matter of fact i always have fun when i get to play in makeup, especially colours, i feel so alive, haha.

I’ll be doing a few looks using this new palette, it has so many colours which are definitely Fall friendly! I’ve mentioned also that all the shades are shimmery, so i will have to use matte shades where necessary.

Here’s a break down of my makeup look;

Starting off with the face, i used Makeup Forever matte velvet foundation, this gives a full coverage, however i have a love/hate relationship with it, sometimes if i’m not careful my face looks a little grey! To set the foundation, i used the Mac’s mineralise skin finish in dark deep. For highlighting, LA girls concealer in fawn to set that, Ben nye banana powder. For contour, Sleeks contour kit in medium.

For the eyes, i used the Morphe 35N palette, as this palette contains all matte, neutral shades, along with Morphe 35U palette. My lashes are GWA London (Girls with attitude) oh my goodness, these lashes are a dream! I snagged these from Savers UK, for £2.99.

The lips are a combination of Barry M lip liner in #7 which is a berry shade, along with Stila’s lipgloss in Merlot. The look is complete!

To see how i did this look, head on over to my channel, where you get to see step by step. Thanks for indulging me and of course, enjoy!

Shaunz xo





The green files




Green is said to symbolise growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.It has  strong emotional correspondence with safety. It has great healing power.

Green is one of my favourite colours, not only is it a vibrant shade that stands out, but also the deep meaning behind it. Any shade of green is fine with me, but i’ve been especially drawn to turquoise.

To create the eye look, i used a combination of two different shades of greens from the Violet Voss “Drenched Metal” palette and for the intensity on the outer corners i used the black also from the palette.


Urban Decay naked skin foundation in 10.0 mixed with Revlon Colorstay in 410

Mac mineralise skinfinish in dark deep as setting powder

Mac select coverup concealer in Nc45 for the under eyes, then Fashion Fair cover tone setting powder to make sure the concealer stays in place

For highlighter i used Collection mosaic

Sleek contour kit in medium



Nyx lip liner in Cocoa

Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick in ‘Iced Mocha’


I hope you like this look as much as i do! Feel free to swing by my channel to see how i achieved it.



Night out makeup feat. Violet Voss ‘Drenched Metal’palette



Hello gorgeous,

Do you remember me saying i was going to be using my newly bought Violet Voss ‘Drenched Metal’ palette a lot?  Well i’ve actually done a semi glam, night out look and i just loved the way it turned out. I think it is a perfect look for a night on the town with your significant other, keeping it somewhat simple, with a little bit of sassiness will do the trick.


Forbidden for the lid colour

Midnight Tryst for the outer corners

Crushed It for the inner corners

Eyecandy lashes


Nyx lip gloss in Ginger snap. I hardly ever wear lip glosses these days since the liquid lipsticks took over! But sometimes you have to switch it up.


YSL Fusion Ink B70 Mixed with Mac studio fix fluid in NW44

To set foundation, Mac mineralise skin finish in dark deep

Highlight, The Balm ‘Mary Lou Manizer’

Urban Decay setting spray used for the longevity of my makeup

Feel free to swing by my channel to see how i did the entire look. Thanks for watching.