Outfit of the day

What do you do on a warm, sunny day in beautiful Antigua? Get dressed, and go for lunch. This is the outfit i donned. I’m a huge fan of florals, always put me in a happy place. The bold, colourful floral patterns, give a tropical feel. Very comfortable, as it’s not clingy, therefore you’ll stay cool all day.


Dress- Asos

Heels- Missguided

Bag- Deichmann

Sunglasses- Michael Kors

Hope you liked the outfit! Thanks for stopping by.


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Kourtney Kardashian inspired outfit



Hello everyone! I’m a big fan of Kourtney Kardashian’s fashion sense, i think she knows what works for her and she’s quite trendy too. She wears her pieces with confidence and that’s exactly one of the reasons i love her style.

I saw her in a similar outfit to this sometime ago and i was obsessed with it. It was right up my street, a crop top with palazzo and some heels, simple yet chic. The fun part about this outfit is that i already had the pieces in my closet and i thought to myself, why not do an inspired look!

The inspired outfit came right to life with my own spin on it. Perfect for a day or night out, it’s one of those styles that you can dress up or down. If you take the heels out of the equation and put some flats or sandals on, it immediately turns into a more casual look.

I really loved this outfit, great for warm Summer days or nights. It shows a bit of skin but very tastefully. Quite inexpensive too, so you won’t be breaking the bank at all.


Palazzo-Tk Maxx


Purse-Tk Maxx

Do check out the video linked below to see the outfit in all its glory! Thank you.


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Spring outfits


Casual chic is what i call this look- An evening of hanging with the girls having a few drinks, this is the perfect outfit. I love the off the shoulder top, shows just the right amount of skin. Nicely fitted jeans that hugs the body comfortably and to top off the look,  a pop of colour pumps!

Top-TK Maxx



Purse-TK Maxx


Not everyday we feel like dressing up, however it doesn’t hurt to look presentable. This outfit would be great for a quick run to the mall, picking up some grocery, a walk along the seafront or even a chilled cook out with friends or family. This top is super warm even though it has holes in it, so it would be great on a cooler Spring’s day.





Bag-Deichmann (couple years old)


This simple white dress is so versatile, it can be dressed up or down. In this case i’ve decided to dress it up with these gorgeous multi coloured block heels, however you can throw on some flats, if you want to to give it a more laid back look.

Oversized jeans shirt-Boohoo


Heels-Miss KG (Kurt Geiger)

Purse-TK Maxx

Affordable, chic, comfortable and stylish are just some of the words to describe these outfits. You don’t have to break the bank to look good, it’s a matter of how you put the pieces together and of course rock them with confidence!

Thanks for indulging me…


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Casual outfit of the day


I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beautiful light i saw in the clouds, i’ve never seen anything like it, it’s almost like a rainbow wanting to form! The beauties of nature, always wows me!


Casually comfortable and warm are the operative words, on cold days out! I tried to keep my outfit as understated as possible, considering i was just going down to the sea side to grab an ice cream, who does that on a cold day? haha. Did i mention i was absolutely bare faced? Not a stitch of makeup, sometimes you have to let your skin breathe a little bit!

Here’s the breakdown of my outfit-

The jumper top is from H&M, i especially love it because it’s written quite big and bold unavailable, insert smiley face! This jumper top can be dressed up or down, depending on the look you’re going for.

My jeans were a steal from TK Maxx, only £12.99. They are very comfortable and of great quality. They are almost like ankle grazers, except just a tad bit longer. Just plain and simple, no rips, holes or distressed details and that’s what i liked about them. They can be worn to work, school or any other occasion which doesn’t require you being dressed up to the T.

My jacket is an oldie but favourite of mine, it’s lined with a little bit of faux fur and on the top of the sleeves, it has a bit of faux leather , so that will definitely keep me warm on colder days. This was purchased at Tk Maxx, i believe two or three years ago and it is still in immaculate condition. It’s from BCBG generation.

Now we’ve come down to the best part of the outfit, the boots. These patent ankle boots with gold zippers at the front, will surely take your outfit from 0-100! I love them, they are trendy at the moment. In terms of comfort they aren’t bad at all, i managed to walk around in them just fine. They might feel a little restricting at first but once your feet get a hang of them, you’ll be stepping and strutting away. They are my favourites for this season, and I got them from Public Desire.

Sunglasses are Dolce & Gabbana, Choker Pull&Bear and my little wallet TK Maxx.

Thank you very much for indulging me, have a great day.

Shaunz xo