Morphe 25A palette, worth £19?

Hey there lovelies!

To add to my growing makeup collection, i’ve purchased another Morphe palette. I have been a big fan of Morphe ever since they were highly spoken about by a lot of beauty influencers on social media. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t always buy everything they rave about, a particular product has to really grab my attention for me to spend money.

Browsing on Beauty Bay, I came across this palette that looked like something i’d most certainly enjoy using, now Beauty Bay i must add is one of my favourite online makeup stores, i  always end up purchasing even when i’ve said to myself i’m only window shopping, yea right! Haha.

Of course i quickly grabbed this palette as things on Beauty Bay go so fast, ‘you snooze you lose’. It has been my ‘go to’ it consists of some really gorgeous warm shades, that are perfect for everyday wear or any occasion for that matter. I can never have too many neutral palettes as i always wear them more than i do bolder more vibrant shades.

This palette has 25 shades, ranging from taupes, beige, browns, golds to blacks. Basically you get a decent selection of warm tones.

IMG_0189FullSizeRender-39 8


1st row

The first row swatched ok, i use the beige  shades for my brow bone highlight. If you’re going to use on the lids, then you’ll definitely have to build them up.


2nd row

I don’t care much for the second row, it’s my least favourite in the palette. I don’t know what exactly i’d use these to do, but i’m sure they can also be used as lid colours. They aren’t as pigmented either.


3rd row

The third row again was just ok, let’s just say the first three rows in this palette were not the best.


4th row

Now the fourth row is my absolute favourite, just look at how pigmented these shades are! The shimmer or foiled shades are hands down the best in the palette. They are super pigmented, smooth and blend like a dream.


5th row

The fifth row wasn’t bad either, the shades are pigmented as well.

My overall thoughts on this palette, i would say it is definitely a mixed bag! The first three rows weren’t up to much.

Is it worth £19? In my opinion not really, Morphe has other palettes which have 35 shades, and some have amazing pigmentation selling at £22, now that’s a better deal. I guess it comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Here’s a look i created using this palette, i have to say i really loved the outcome!


Thank you for indulging me.


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Morphe brushes (Face)

I was due for some new face brushes so i thought i’d give Morphe brushes a shot. These brushes are very good quality, affordable and all around exquisite. I have tons of brushes, but they do deteriorate through using and constant washing. Morphe has a very wide range of brushes be it eyes, face, lips, you name it.

The E6 Premium flat buffer brush

This flat buffer brush has a slender, sleek handle, that makes usage very easy. With densely packed synthetic hair it allows for a flawless, natural finish. Can be used to apply liquid or cream products. £11.95/£9.56



The M439 Deluxe buffer brush

This has to be my favourite out of all three, the reasons is, i’m able to use it as my foundation and powder brush. With it’s chunky handle, you’re sure to get a good grip in order to apply your liquid, cream or powder products. Again this brush has densely packed synthetic hair, so your products will be applied smoothly and evenly onto your skin with a natural finish. £11.50



The M442 Duo fiber buffer brush

Another brush for applying liquid and powder products, this can be used on the face as well as the body. With this brush you can control the amount of product being used because of its stippling quality. The hair in this brush is a mixture of synthetic and sable, so you’ll be sure to achieve a seamless application of your products. The handle is short and sturdy, so there will be extra comfort when being used. £7.95


For the price and very top quality of these brushes, i’ll be picking up a few more to add to my collection. Morphe is one of the best brands on the market that’s budget friendly and offers amazing products.

All brushes were purchased from

What brushes do you have or like from Morphe? What is your favourite powder brush? Thank you guys for indulging me.

Shaunz xo

Morphe 35U Palette (thoughts +swatches)


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3


Row 4


Row 5


This palette is not exactly for the faint hearted, even though it has a few neutral shades to play around with. With an array of bold, vibrant, highly pigmented shades, i say this one’s heavenly! I’ve professed my love for Morphe palettes in a video way back. With 35, pigmented, easy to blend shades, what’s not to love?

Morphe has a wide selection of palettes, neutrals, mattes, bolds, shimmery and everything else in between, so no matter what your preference is, you’re sure to find one that’s right up your street.

This palette was on my birthday wish list, so to say i was happy when i received it would be an understatement! I’m quite fond of shimmery shades, they look so magical on the lids, especially when neutral shades are mixed with bold shades, how lovely?

Let me quickly run through the colours in this gorgeous palette.

The first row consists of blacks, greys and silvers.

Second row, golds, bronze and light browns i guess you could say.

Third row, greens and blues.

Fourth row, reds and pinks.

Fifth row, purples and yellows.

Overall this palette is beautiful and also perfect if you want to experiment with bold colours. At a price tag of £19.50 from Beauty Bay. Grab it whilst you can, they go quickly off the shelves!

Looks from this palette will be coming your way, i’m going to have a field day!

Love, Shaunz xo