Bold Summer Makeup

Hey beauties!

Take a look at this beautiful look i did using the Revolution ‘Redemption Mermaids and unicorn’ palette. The colours in this palette are absolutely beautiful, they are bold, pigmented and blend very nicely.

I’m sure a lot of you may be familiar with Makeup Revolution which is a UK drugstore brand. You can purchase their products online as well as many other makeup outlets, so they are easy to get your hands on. They are an affordable brand, with great quality.

bold look thumb 1IMG_0540

I used those two shades shown above, and they were the perfect combination! To give the eyes a little more drama, i used NYX Brights liquid eyeliner in ‘Vivid Sapphire’.

I loved the outcome, I think this is such a playful, fun look. I hope you like it as much as i do. Thanks for stopping by.


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Carnival makeup

Good day beauties, let’s hope we all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a productive week.

Carnival has been in full swing in some countries, it’s a time of fun and enjoyment, showcasing beautifully made costumes with vibrant colours. Let’s just say it’s a celebration of art, whether for makeup or the design and making of the costumes.

One of the most interesting parts of carnival of course is the makeup, you can choose to go minimal or all the way out! Personally i’m obsessed with all the rhinestones, gems, glitters and paints that are used to create fabulous looks. Even though i won’t be a part of the celebrations, i wanted to share my look, you might get some inspiration as well as ideas on what you can create if you are planning to be a part of these festivals.

Now this look is bold, playful and fun! I have done looks like this before but to me this one stands out. Here it is guys!



I loved the combination of pinks, oranges and purples. For me blending these colours together takes time and patience, especially if you want a seamless and flawless finish.

For the lips i opted for an ombre effect, i’ve paired Coloured Raines ‘Berri Raine’ liquid lipstick with LA Girl’s liquid lipstick in ‘Dreamy’. Such a superb look, which you can achieve.

Want to see how i did this look? Click on link.


Nyx Soho Glam palette thoughts!

I’ve been a fan of Nyx for years, it was one of the first drugstore brands i used when i just started out doing makeup. Their products are usually of great quality and inexpensive. I decided to restock my collection so i picked up the Soho Glam palette. Now take a look at how gorgeous the palette is.


It has warm tones and cool tones.fullsizerender-95fullsizerender-93

Completely opened up, it has a good sized mirror at the top. A bit tricky when you open up, so extra care has to be given as not to break anything.fullsizerender-96

The pigmentation is not great, how disappointing? You’ll have to use a very good base then build them up to get the colours to pop! I did a finger swatch on a few other shades and they seemed to be more pigmented than others, so strangely it’s a mixed bag!img_0606

What’s in the palette-

1.52 eyeshadows

2.2 lip glosses

3.1 lip liner

4.8 lipsticks

5.4 blushers

6.4 face colours

My overall thoughts, not one of their best palettes. Nyx usually has very pigmented eyeshadows that are so rich, you hardly need to build them up! Mind you this palette wasn’t the cheapest. On Amazon you can get it for $37.95, i think that’s quite pricey, all things considered!

It would be perfect for weekend getaways, as it’s got almost everything you need to complete a look.

I’d give this palette a 5/10, saying this makes me sad, as i had high hopes! It was a miss simply put.

Let me know if you have this palette or were planning on getting it. What are your thoughts? Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend.


Glitter cut crease with pop of blue

Hello friends, you know when you’re not very good at something but you want to learn so you keep practicing? That’s me doing a cut crease, i find it a little tricky, so each time i’m about to attempt, i keep my fingers crossed hoping they’ll come out great, haha, i sometimes surprise myself! Believing and having confidence in yourself and your work is a hell of a thing, it can push you past limits that you’ve never gone before. Telling yourself that you can do it and do it well, will most times result in you doing something to the best of your ability. Also keep practicing and working on your craft. This doesn’t just apply to makeup, it’s everyday life scenarios. Give yourself pep talks, speak things into existence, you’ll be amazed by the results.

This look i’ve done is perfect for weddings, engagement parties, clubbing, just any type of parties. Notice i’ve used a nudish pink colour for the lips, so the focus will be on the eyes. I loved the glitter i used, iridescent and just so stunning. I’d say it wasn’t too bad of a job, what do you think?img_0525img_0524fullsizerender

Never limit yourself, if you really want to achieve something, go for it, with full force!

To see how i went about creating this glitter cut crease, check out video linked below. Thanks for watching.


Ocean inspired look!


Hello lovelies! I know it’s cold in some parts of the world right now, so i hope you’re all keeping warm and safe. I keep saying to my friends don’t worry warmer days are ahead just to get them thinking positively!

Since some of us may not be able to dip in the ocean and enjoy all the beauty and splendour it has to offer, myself and a few other ladies (their Instagram names are on picture above) decided to bring the ocean to life in the form of makeup looks. Feel free to check them out on Instagram and Youtube.

My look depicts, the sea, the glorious little fishes and the white sand. I hope you liked this look as much as i did, i had so much fun creating it.

See how i achieved this bold and daring look, check out the tutorial on my channel. Thank you and enjoy!

Shaunz xo

New Years Eve look #1



Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, it went by so quickly. I had a lovely time, cooking and spending the day with people who are dear to me, now back to reality.

Here’s one of two makeup looks that i’ll be choosing from for new years eve party. I do hope you like it and it inspires you to do a similar look. It’s quite versatile, so whatever outfit you wear, this would be perfect.

Do check out the tutorial on my channel. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.

Shaunz xo



Weekend date night makeup look


Hey beauties, happy Monday to you,

Here’s a quick look at my weekend date night makeup look. Usually i’d go for neutral colours but i wanted to do something a little different from the norm. I thought green complimented my outfit which was all white and i really liked the outcome. Sorry the pictures aren’t of the best quality, my camera was a bit off haha.

For the eyes i used one palette, which is the Karity Smoke palette, i used numbers 1,7, 13, 20 and 21. The beauty about this palette is that you have 21 gorgeous  shades to choose from, whether you want to achieve a neutral or bold look. These types of palettes are travel friendly as you will have enough colours to alternate your looks.

Since the eyes were a bit bold, i wanted to keep the lips neutral so i used Colourpop’s matte lipstick in Tulle.

I hope you liked the look, don’t be afraid of bold colours, go for it!