Spring flower (the aster)

Hello lovelies,

Can you believe we are actually getting closer to Summer? My second favourite season! Spring is hands down my favourite season as it represents rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth. All the beautiful flowers bloom and the surroundings look so cheerful and happy!

I’ve decided to do a flower inspired makeup look and the flower i chose was the aster. Asters are daisy like perennials with starry-shaped flower heads. They bring delightful colour to the gardens.

aster flowerIMG_1800


This look was so much fun to create, using one of my favourite colours on both my eyes and lips. The purple is so bold and pops really nicely on my skin tone!

I mixed two different lip colours and i really liked the outcome. Sometimes having no idea of what you’re doing can sometimes lead to something outstanding and that was the case for my lipstick choice.

To see how i did this look, check out video linked below. Happy watching and thank you, always.

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Soft sunset eyes

Hello lovelies,

I previously did a review/swatch on the OPV Beauty ‘Gorgeous’ palette, see here.

https://shaunzworld.com/2017/05/06/opv-beauty-gorgeous-eyeshadow-palette/ I wanted to test out the eyeshadows with a base on my lids to see if they would come off more pigmented and of course the shimmery shades worked well, with just a little bit of fall out. As for the matte shades, i had to work a little extra on them by packing them onto my lids for them to actually show up on my skin how i wanted them to. I also added some setting spray to my brush, so that i could intensify the eyeshadows some more, that my friend always work like a charm!

Here’s the first look i created from the palette, i will be using it to create other looks as well.


sunset blog 1

As you can see a very soft, simple and effortless look. If you like simple, beautiful looks then you’d truly appreciate this one.

How to achieve eye look:

Use a primer or base of choice, a white base will make the shadows pop a lot more so i would recommend that.

Use orange shade as crease colour or transition if you will, add a brown shade to intensify the crease. Blend both together very well for a seamless finish.

Add the bronze shade to outer areas of the lid, then the golden yellow to inner parts of the lids, blend ends where they both meet into each other, so there are no harsh lines.

Remember blending is your friend when it comes on to makeup application! Then proceed to lining top lash line and add lashes for a more dramatic effect. Easy lemon squeezy haha. On the lips i have OPV Beauty matte lipstick in ‘Fame’.

To see how i did this look check out video! Thank you.

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St.Patrick’s Day makeup look/green smokey eyes


Hello everyone, happy Friday!

Here’s a look i did, you may know that green is synonymous with St.Patrick’s day and to add to that it’s one of my favourite colours. Yes i’ve said numerous times, i love neutrals but i do like stepping out of my comfort zone sometimes.

Fairly easy to achieve and suitable for any skin tone! I’ve also managed to use the Nyx Soho Glam palette to complete the entire look. I did a quick review of this palette, where i stated that i was a bit disappointed in the pigmentation, this isn’t one of the best palettes from Nyx, however i did what i had to do to make it work.

If you’re planning on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day then feel free to try this look. There a tutorial on how to achieve it. You can also use any green, black and brown in your collection.

Click link below. Have a great day.


Edgy purple makeup look

Hello there, hope all is well. When it comes to makeup looks, i’m such a creature of habit! I love sticking to more subtle, wearable looks but sometimes i like to step outside of my comfort zone and do something a little more dramatic. Now i’ve posted a couple of Valentines’ Day looks that were soft, romantic and very much wearable, however i decided to do another look that’s a bit more out there, even though Valentine’s Day has passed haha. Makeup is art and i love mixing it up, we don’t need to be mundane. I use makeup to express myself as well as a way of entertaining and sometimes teaching others. This look may not be everyones taste but i liked it a lot, purple is one of my favourite colours and i have so much fun when i play around with bold, vibrant shades.


To achieve this look, i’ve used several different shades from the Shany and Morphe palettes. I’ve also used the Revolution 144 eyeshadow palette as well. For the lips i mixed LA Girls liquid lipstick in Stunner and Black Currant, so it’s somewhat of an ombre effect.

I’ve done a video, so swing by if you’d like to see it step by step. Thanks for stopping by

Love, Shaunz

Easy & effortless Valentine’s Day look


Hello beauties, i’m showing off another Valentine’s Day look, so if the first one wasn’t up your street, perhaps you’ll prefer this classic look. Red lips are quite popularly worn on Valentine’s Day, just because it’s sultry, sexy and goes perfectly with any eye look and skin tone.

This is hands down one of my favourite combinations! I’ve kept the eyes quite simple and neutral, then went in with bold lips. If you know me, then you know that i tend to gear towards more simplistic, easy to achieve and wearable looks, so this one is no different. Whether you’re dark or fair skinned, you need not worry, i’ve made sure to cater for both.

I do hope you like this look as much as i do, i’ve also done a video, so be sure to check it out. There you’ll see the products i’ve used and how i went about creating the look overall. Thanks for indulging me, have a wonderful day.


Love, Shaunz xo


Romantic Valentine’s day makeup look


This is such a feminine, soft and romantic look, very fitting for Valentine’s day. I loved the fact that it can be worn on any skin tone as well. I used all Drugstore, affordable products, so basically this look is very budget friendly. Who needs to break the bank when there are amazing products out there that are inexpensive!

For my face i used L’oreal’s Tru match foundation, then L’oreal’s translucent powder to set everything in place. I used Sleeks contour kit in medium, LA Girls concealer for highlighting under my eyes, forehead, top of my nose, cupids bow and chin, the Sacha buttercup powder to set the concealer in all the areas i just mentioned. For Highlighting the top of my cheeks, City Colour highlight trio and Nyx blusher in Mocha.

I used the Shany 7 layer masterpiece kit for my eye look, honestly this kit is so worth having, i also used the brown from the Wet N Wild vanity palette to intensify the crease area. Then for the lips LA girls matte liquid lipstick in dreamy, but i used  NYX lip liner in cocoa to outline my lips and make sure that i fill them in a bit so the lipstick doesn’t look crazy, this shade when used on women of colour has to be used with a brown lip liner to tone it down a bit.

I’ve done a video on the entire look so be sure to check it to get a more in depth look. See video down below.

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful Monday.

Shaunz xo


Ocean inspired look!


Hello lovelies! I know it’s cold in some parts of the world right now, so i hope you’re all keeping warm and safe. I keep saying to my friends don’t worry warmer days are ahead just to get them thinking positively!

Since some of us may not be able to dip in the ocean and enjoy all the beauty and splendour it has to offer, myself and a few other ladies (their Instagram names are on picture above) decided to bring the ocean to life in the form of makeup looks. Feel free to check them out on Instagram and Youtube.

My look depicts, the sea, the glorious little fishes and the white sand. I hope you liked this look as much as i did, i had so much fun creating it.

See how i achieved this bold and daring look, check out the tutorial on my channel. Thank you and enjoy!

Shaunz xo