Rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick review

As a Drugstore liquid lipstick i am actually impressed. Rimmel came out with 15 shades of their stay matte liquid lip colour, ranging from nudes, pinks to very dark shades. The collection has a wide selection of shades that’ll compliment any skin tone.

I picked up 5 shades and i’m quite happy with my choices. I’ve tried numerous Drugstore and high end liquid lipsticks and end up tossing them to the side!

These liquid lipsticks claim to be-




12 hr wear

Lipsticks can get very messy,  especially when you kiss someone say on the cheeks or you drink from a bottle or glass, most of it comes right off! How annoying is that? Now these bad boys from Rimmel won’t do that, once they are properly dried, they are locked into the lips and won’t go anywhere for up to 12 hrs. Mind you, i haven’t worn them for that long so i couldn’t say for sure if that’s the case, but i do know they are indeed smudge proof . There’s also the discomfort to contend with when it comes on to some liquid lipsticks, they often times leave your lips dry and looking blotchy, i haven’t experienced this with Rimmel, so i’m delighted.



Long lasting

Not drying

Great pigmentation


Some goes on patchy

You’ll need about 2-4 coats(depending on how intense you like it to be)

Takes about 45 secs to a min to dry completely matte


This shade is called ‘Heartbeat’- A beautiful cerise pink.


This one is ‘Blue Iris’- A deep purple with blue undertones.

I do have three more which i swatched and reviewed on my channel, so be sure to check it out, the link will be provided below.

They retail for £5.99, and i got mine from Superdrug in the UK, however i’m almost certain you’ll be able to get your hands on them from any beauty store.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.


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Tropic Colour Click lipstick review

Tropic is a makeup and skincare line based in the UK. All their products are made with natural ingredients, they are vegan and cruelty free.

Now i’ll be testing and reviewing one of their colour click lipsticks. These lipsticks are enriched with oils that are designed to give your lips a smooth and moisturised look and feel.FullSizeRender-39 6FullSizeRender-49IMG_1714.JPG

This shade is called ‘Rosehip’  it is a beautiful subtle berry shade with a creamy consistency. It glides on quite smoothly, leaving the lips feeling hydrated, with a stunning finish. It somehow has a lipgloss feel without the stickiness and to top it off it has a pleasant aromatic smell. Don’t fancy wearing matte lips, then this would be just right. Suitable for any skin tone and any occasion.

This lipstick retails for £14, they also have different shades to choose from. Feel free to check out their website, they have an array of amazing skincare and makeup items to choose from! Link provided below. Thanks to Tori for sending this lipstick to me, it’s quickly becoming one of my ‘go to’s’.

Disclaimer: This items was sent to me for review purposes. I’ve given you my honest opinion.


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Spring lipsticks featuring Nyx cosmetics High Voltage

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to a productive week.

I recently got some lipsticks that i thought were Spring worthy, they are what i like to call cheap and cheerful. They are from the Nyx Cosmetics line, and they are called High Voltage.

This is privilegedfullsizerender-89




Free spiritimg_0595




3.Glides on easily with a creamy finish


1. Doesn’t last a long time on lips

2.Sometimes patchy (do ensure that lips are exfoliated, moisturised and primed)

I really like these lipsticks i must say. However women of colour have to make sure that they line their lips with a brown lip pencil in order for some of the shades to look good on their skin tones, as with some lipsticks on the market, they only work when used with a brown lip pencil. It tones them down just a bit, so don’t be scared to experiment!

Here’s a video i did swatching those and more, you’ll also see why i also used a lip liner.


Winter Lipstick picks

Here are my Winter lipstick picks, these are what i’ve been wearing lately. The finishes are perfect for this season as they aren’t drying.

This is  Colourpop lippie stix called ‘Ellarie’



This is LA Girls matte pigment lipstick in ‘Dreamy’, paired with Nyx lip liner in ‘Cocoa’



Milani Lipstick in ‘Malt Mocha’ also paired with Nyx Lip liner in ‘Cocoa’



Maybelline vivid matte lipstick in ‘Possessed plum’. It claims to be of a matte finish but i’ve waited a few minutes for it to dry matte and it didn’t!



Colourpop lippie stix in ‘Creature’


These are quite affordable lipsticks that will suit most budgets! From your deep wine shades to neutrals, you’ll be sure to like them, they  look amazing against any skin tone.

Love, Shaunz

Holiday lipsticks

My love for lipsticks will never end, i do enjoy showing you guys my seasonal picks. Even though i say seasonal, to be quite frank i’m one to wear any colour throughout the year. However some shades are more so for certain seasons, like brights are associated with Spring and Summer and the darker shades for the more gloomy Autumn and winter months.

I’ve tried to incorporate affordable, budget friendly lipsticks, that are suitable for all skin tones.

Let me start off with this deep wine coloured lipstick from NYX called Full throttle. I used Barry M lip liner in number 7 to outline my lips.

1.Matte finish

2.Very pigmented

3.Long lasting

4.Not drying on the lips





This is a orangey red shade called Creeper from Colourpop

1.Liquid to matte finish


3. Patchy in parts




This is a lovely brown shade called Limbo also from Colourpop

1.Liquid to matte finish

2.Long lasting


4.Glides on smoothly and easily

5. Affordable

See video for other shades that would be perfect for the holiday season. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.



Fall/Autumn lipsticks

Hey beauties, happy Friday!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that i’m an avid lover of lipsticks, i just cant get enough. It doesn’t matter if i’m sporting a ‘no makeup’ look or no makeup at all, i can just add my favourite lipstick and i’ll look a bit more polished and presentable. I tend to do that sometimes when i can’t be asked to put a stitch of makeup on haha, you know those lazy days right?

I’ve rummaged through my collection and thought you might like my picks, especially since it’s vamp season. They are a mixture of matte and satin finishes, as i know sometimes matte lipsticks can be a little, shall i say intense or intimidating for some people, even though most liquid lipsticks tend to last longer than your average satin finish lipsticks. Ok enough babbling, let’s get into the lipsticks!



This one is from Milani and it’s the Amore matte lip cream. Beautiful shade.

  1. Very pigmented (True Plum)
  2. Dries to a very matte finish
  3. Quite drying on the lips
  4. Long lasting



This one i call oldie but goodie, i’ve had it for quite sometime now and it’s one of my favourite deep coloured lipsticks. In fact i wear it all season round. Described as a pink plum, it’s a medium dark berry with cool undertones and a soft shine. This is Mac’s Rebel.

  1. Highly pigmented
  2. Has a satin finish
  3. Very comfortable on lips
  4. Long lasting



Not for the faint hearted, this one will blow your mind! A dark vampy plum liquid lipstick from LA Splash lip couture.

  1. Very pigmented
  2. Long lasting matte finish
  3. Drying on lips (make sure to exfoliate and moisturise lips prior to application)
  4. Glides on smoothly and easily
  5. Waterproof



This is also another oldie but goodie. I was very much into Mac lipsticks before the take over of all the other amazing brands out there! Not to say i’m not a fan anymore, i totally am and always will be. I wear this shade all year round as well and it’s one of my favourites. It is described as a brightened pinky purple, with subtle cool undertones and a soft shine. This is Mac’s Up the Amp.

  1. Rich colour
  2. very comfortable on the lips
  3. Last for well up to 5 hrs


These are just a few that i’ve shown you, if you’re interested in seeing the rest head on over to my channel, i assure you, you’ll see something that catches your eyes.

Thanks for indulging me, have a great weekend.

Shaunz xo

Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipsticks


Popped in my local drugstore  a couple of weeks ago and something caught my attention! Mind you i only went in the store for a body wash, haha. The colours had me, so i quickly swatched a few of them and what do you know, they were in my basket, oh boy!

First things first, i liked the fact that they were small enough to fit in my makeup bag, the colours looked really rich from the swatch and they were on sale! From swatching them, they felt quite creamy and velvety and the colour range they had were very wearable and suitable for all skin tones.

Here’s the downside and i hate to break it to you, but i have to be honest. In all my excitement, i couldn’t wait to get home so i could really put them to the test. Whilst applying one of them to my lips i realised that one coat barely showed up, so of course i applied another coat, still very sheer. This simply means i have to apply several coats for this lipstick to actually pop, so i applied three to four coats in all. They claim to have a matte finish as well, so i sat there waiting for the lipstick to dry to a matte finish but no such luck, it had more of a semi matte finish if that!

I was a  little bit disappointed i must say, nonetheless i wore that said lipstick out to lunch and boy oh boy did it stand the test, i had a sandwich and it barely budged! I was pleasantly surprised and excited as finally some good did come out of it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there are upsides to these lipsticks, even though i applied several coats, waited for it to dry matte, which it didn’t, it had lasting power, and my lips didn’t feel dry at all.

So this brand of lipstick claims to be:

Bold, matte and long lasting with 24 hrs hold.

Lightweight, velvety texture and non drying formula, which gives extreme comfort that doesn’t smudge.

I’d say they ticked most of the boxes, which for a drugstore product works for me. Overall they are pretty decent and i will be wearing them for sure. They retail for £8.99, we can choose to argue whether this is a bit pricey or not, in my opinion they are a bit pricey, especially for a drugstore lipstick.

Here are the swatches-


As you can see they are quite bold shades, and once you build up the colour, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Do check out my lip swatches, here’s the video. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

Love,Shaunz xo