Tropic Summer goddess shimmering body oil

Beautiful, glowing, healthy looking skin is in! I’ve been using this Tropic shimmering body oil and it makes my skin look amazing. It gives just the right amount of shimmer, without the sticky feel that some body oils give and it has a very lightweight feel on the skin. Who needs body oils that weighs down the skin? Not me!

It contains bourbon vanilla, virgin coconut and golden jojoba oils, which are natural oils designed to give your skin a rejuvenated , youthful and healthy look.

Not only does it have a subtle yet divine smell, it is made from 100% natural ingredients. Suitable for all skin types too.


Not shaken




How to use;

Shake up content in bottle as it separates when not used. Then apply as much needed to the skin, the choice is yours!

I haven’t been able to put this oil down, it is absolutely amazing, i kid you not! This will be a Summer staple for me, especially when the sun is out. The only downside is, it is a limited edition product.

What is your favourite body oil?

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Best body scrub ever?

I’m constantly trying new body scrubs and this one i came across is absolutely amazing! Could this be one of the best body scrubs on the market? Let’s find out.

I must have been through quite a few body scrubs in the past few years, one of my favourites is the coffee scrub from Lush, i’ve done a review on that one as well, here’s the link.

Doing my usual shopping at one of my local stores Tk Maxx, i saw this brand, never heard of them or seen them before. The first thing i saw from them were bath salts, so i picked up a bag, yet to try it out! Went back a few months later and saw a jar of their body scrub, so i picked it up and gave it a go!

Westlab detoxing salt, body scrub and bath soak, with Himalayan salt, mint and lemongrass, has no microbeads, which some of us may know are harmful to the environment. It is 100% pure, with mineral salts and natural essential oils.

The main ingredient salt is designed to wash away dead skin cells, which sometimes sit on top of the skin, leaving it feeling rough and dull. It’s great for minimising spots or ingrown hairs. This scrub will improve the texture and appearance of the skin, resulting in a more soft, smooth and healthy look. It can also be used in the bath as well, so it’s basically two in one.

It also claims that the essential oil fragrances when inhaled can trigger mood enhancing effects, helping you to feel more relaxed and uplifted.


My first impressions, how awesome is this stuff? My skin has never been this smooth and soft! I’ve used it twice and i have to stress that it does exactly what it says.

The salt grains exfoliates very well, and are just the right size to get all the dead cells off the skin. Silky smooth and as soft as velvet!

We are advised to take care when using it in the shower as the oils can make the surface quite slippery.

I will be heading back to the store for more, i’m really loving this scrub!

What’s your favourite body scrub?


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Bellapierre bronzer

Hey beautiful!

I love a good highlight especially for Summer, when the sun hits my skin it gives me a natural looking, healthy glow. Now one of my friends introduced me to this bronzer and i can honestly say it is giving me life! The golden, rich tones compliment my skin so well, it looks like i’ve been kissed by the sun. The shade i used is called Starshine.

This silky smooth mineral bronzer by Bellapierre is non comedogenic, talc and paraben free. Also suitable for sensitive and problem prone skin. An absolute must have for dark to deep skin tones.


The only hiccup about this bronzer is that it can get a bit messy as with all products that are loose. What i would suggest is to take up a small amount on a brush, tap off excess and build it up to your liking.

I am really loving this bronzer, i can’t seem to put it down. I sometimes use it as an eyeshadow, that’s one of the best parts about it, it’s multi purpose. If you think it won’t work for you as a bronzer, just sweep it onto your lids and inner tear ducts.

This bronzer is also available in different shades, so light to medium skin tones can get to experience the magic!

I give this bronzer a thumbs up. If you’ve tried it before let me know what you think about it. Thanks for stopping by.

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