Lazy girl twist outs on 4b natural hair

Hey lovelies!

Twist outs have never been my strongest area when it comes to natural hair care, mainly because i’m a bit impatient and i guess you can say a tad bit lazy haha.

I’m a believer in the least amount of manipulation for your hair, pulling and tugging sometimes cause damages, it may not be extensive at first but it can lead to that. This is why twist outs can be quite helpful, as it is also a protective style, which doesn’t require much, a few will do just fine.

I’ve been asked numerous times about how i keep my hair looking so healthy and full of life. I honestly don’t do an awful lot. I basically keep it moisturised, i also do a lot of styles that will ensure it stays protected, i try to eat healthily and stay in shape, these factors do help believe it or not!






So basically this is quite a quick and easy process. The products i’ve used are:


2.Eco styling gel

3.Hair moisturiser


I made sure to detangle my hair, with a wide tooth comb after i’ve saturated it with water, not drenched otherwise it’ll take a longer time to dry.

I then use my moisturiser to soften it up, add a bit of coconut oil to seal in the moisture. Then use a pea size amount of gel to ensure that the twist stay in tact, this will make them last longer too.

I apply all of the products mentioned to each twist. I let it stay over night, then take them down the following day.

I think the trick is not to mess about with the hair too much, otherwise all the curls will be lost and that’s how we arrive at unsuccessful twist outs haha.

That’s how i get a bit of definition in my hair. Sometimes i do two to three twists using the same products and i get similar results. Hope this helped.

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Argan Smooth Strengthening miracle hair masque (new find)

After using the Cantu hair masque for over two years, i can now say move over there’s a new love in town! I discovered this product in one of my local supermarkets and i was very skeptical as i’ve never heard of or seen this brand before.

This hair masque is amazing! Not only does it smell great, it leaves my hair feeling very soft and manageable, where has this been all my life? haha. It’s very rare that i find something that i’ve never heard anyone speak of, so that makes me quite proud knowing that i was willing to try a product without having any knowledge of it.

I’m a big fan of the Cantu hair masque but i find that sometimes my hair feels a little dry after washing it out, strangely this doesn’t always happen. Now with my new discovery, i’m just so amazed at how silky my hair feels, i’ve only used it twice but i know it will become a staple in my wash day routine.


Argan Smooth is made with 100% pure Argan Oil. It is meant to be an intensive conditioning treatment that helps to strengthen, repair and smooth damaged, stressed cuticles. This product contains no sulphate,paraben, mineral oil and it is petroleum free. It can be used as a general conditioner as well as for co washes. As soon as i read those pros, i quickly grabbed it off the shelf, bearing in mind that it may or may not work for my hair. Oh but it did and i’m very happy i purchased it.


After co washing my hair, i use a generous amount of the masque which has a creamy consistency and distribute from roots to ends. I then put two plastic caps on and leave it in for 30 mins. I then use cold water to wash out the masque, then dry my hair with a t shirt to prevent frizzing. It has left my hair feeling and smelling like a dream!

As for the price point it wasn’t very expensive, so i’d say give it a try especially if you have similar hair type to mine which is 4b. If you’ve come across or tried this product i’d like to know what your thoughts are. I would also like to try their Epic moisture shampoo and corrective leave in conditioner. If i do i will give you an update.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!


2 years natural hair anniversary

Hello friends, hope all is well with you.

January 25th marked two years since i decided to do away with the relaxers. By no means am i against anyone who wishes to relax their hair, this is a personal preference, a decision that has done a world of good to my hair.

Two years ago i got tired of transitioning so i decided to cut the relaxed hair off which was quite a substantial amount and embrace my natural, kinky, coily hair. I can’t say i wasn’t scared, but it was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

I’ve learned a great deal and i still am. Growing natural, healthy hair is a challenge which takes patience, dedication and lots of money (not really) that is if you’re a product junkie like myself haha. I said lots of money because i will purchase anything that says natural hair on the packaging, sometimes they work for my hair, sometimes they don’t. If they don’t work then i bin them without second thoughts. I’m getting better actually as i’ve found a few product lines that are amazing. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, i did so because i was trying to narrow down products that my hair loved and i think i’ve managed to find a few.

I’ve been obsessed with the Cantu and Cream of Nature line. I’ve been using these lines since i started my natural hair journey and i will continue to do so.

From the Cantu line my favourites are: The creamy hair lotion and the deep conditioning mask. From the Cream of Nature line: Their shampoos and conditioners, the hair milk and the strength and shine leave in conditioner. When i use gels i usually use the Eco- styler, and for oils i’m a big fan of coconut, Tea Tree and castor oil. Water is also a must in my routine.

Just to sum this up, i have had no regrets, i try to stay away from heat and dyes, i have been tempted but i haven’t yielded as yet.

If you’re transitioning, had the big chop or you’re thinking about going natural my advice to you is, take the time to learn what your hair likes and dislikes, be patient, do a lot of protective styling. Keep your hair moisturised, low manipulation is key also as you won’t be pulling and tugging your hair all the time. Trim your ends and remember to rock your hair with confidence!


Love, Shaunz xo

Feel free to check out my video to hear more about my journey. Thank you and have a great day..

My natural hair care

I’m always on the look out for any hair product that claims to work for my hair type, which i believe is 4b, kinky coily. I stumbled upon this co wash cleansing conditioner and decided to give it a whirl, i’ve been using it for a few weeks now and i can’t say i’m enamoured of it.

Cantu hair products have been my go to since i went natural, this line seems to do an ok enough job. The problem is my hair gets really dry and it doesn’t retain moisture as much as i’d like it to. I’ve also tried Shea Moisture, Creme of Nature and a few others which seem to work ok as well for my hair.

Pierre’s Apothecary Co wash cleansing conditioner:

Now this Co-wash cleansing conditioner which i’m going to speak about caught my eyes in the shop. It claims to be 5-In-1, non stripping formula.



-Deep conditions


-Leave in conditioner

It’s meant to be for coarse hair as well. It has zero sulfates, parabens, silicones, dyes, harsh salts and gluten. It contains sweet almond which repairs brittle hair and aids with growth and shea butter which softens and strengthens.

If you’re a natural then immediately you would be sold by this products as it ticks all the boxes. My problem with this product is that it makes my hair feel dry and hard after washing. It also claims to not lather because it doesn’t contain harsh sulfates but it lathers! Which is not a problem for me, but i found it quite strange.

Will i repurchase this product? Don’t think so, i just don’t like the way my hair feels after using it. Could it be that my hair isn’t coarse enough? It did say it’s for coarse hair. Has anyone used this product? I’d like to hear from you and also what hair product/s on the market is worth trying for 4b typed hair.



In the meantime i’ve posted a video on my wash day routine, swing by and let me know what you think. Thanks for indulging me always.

Love, Shaunz