Spring/Summer jewellery collection

Hey beauties!

Your look is never really complete without accessories of some sort. Be it earrings, necklaces, bags or scarves, in this case i’ll be speaking about jewellery. Personally i like to take a very simple outfit and turn it into something special with a statement necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings .

Take this for example;


This beautiful multi chain, drop necklace is truly a statement. Pair this with a tank top or a plain tight fitting dress and instantly you look like a million bucks! This is from Topshop.


I thought the choker trend would have died by now but surprisingly they are still going very strong. I’m a huge fan of course, so my collection keeps growing. This tiered link piece is from Topshop.


This is one of my favourites! As soon as i saw it, i immediately fell in love, get it? As it said love, which we need more of! It is made from a velvet material, so it’s fairly comfortable around the neck. I have had a lot of people complimenting me on it as well, so you might see it pop up again very soon haha. I purchased this from Select.


Perfect for a Summer wedding. This gorgeous piece is from Asda, their George collection. I love the fact that it can be worn with any colour outfit. Such a classy piece that looks expensive but came with a very affordable price tag.


Don’t you just love cute rings? I had to fight the urge not to buy the whole collection on the site, i have a terrible habit of buying rings and end up watching them from a far and marvel at their beauty, sigh! I liked these because i love purple and also because these can be worn individually as well as together as seen in the picture. These are from Boohoo.


This one is quite different to what i’m used to wearing, it stands out a lot. I also thought the leaf design made it so unique. Another piece from Boohoo.

Which were your picks? Thanks for stopping by. Here’s the link to others i haven’t mentioned here.

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My choker obsession part 1!

Hey guys, are you as obsessed with the choker trend as i am? My collection is expanding quite rapidly! So many different styles are out there and i just love how gorgeous some are. Today I’ll be showcasing some of my simpler every day ones.



This one has a chain detail at the front, but the rest of it is quite simple. I got it from Pull&Bear. Throw on your favourite tank top or low cut blouse and  straight away you look more dressed up.



Double up! As you can see in this picture, the top choker is very simple but to amp it up a bit i’ve added another piece which is a silver choker with a cross pendant. These were also purchased from Pull&Bear.



Another piece with studs, now it’s less boring and a bit more interesting. This is from Pull&Bear.



This piece is a little more dressy and classy, so i’d more likely wear this one out on a date or a special occasion. With an off the shoulder or spaghetti strapped dress, quite alluring! This is my favourite of all the chokers i’ve shown. I purchased this from Select.

Do stick around for part 2, it will be coming very soon. The beauty about these pieces are that they were inexpensive.

Which did you like?