Lazy girl twist outs on 4b natural hair

Hey lovelies!

Twist outs have never been my strongest area when it comes to natural hair care, mainly because i’m a bit impatient and i guess you can say a tad bit lazy haha.

I’m a believer in the least amount of manipulation for your hair, pulling and tugging sometimes cause damages, it may not be extensive at first but it can lead to that. This is why twist outs can be quite helpful, as it is also a protective style, which doesn’t require much, a few will do just fine.

I’ve been asked numerous times about how i keep my hair looking so healthy and full of life. I honestly don’t do an awful lot. I basically keep it moisturised, i also do a lot of styles that will ensure it stays protected, i try to eat healthily and stay in shape, these factors do help believe it or not!






So basically this is quite a quick and easy process. The products i’ve used are:


2.Eco styling gel

3.Hair moisturiser


I made sure to detangle my hair, with a wide tooth comb after i’ve saturated it with water, not drenched otherwise it’ll take a longer time to dry.

I then use my moisturiser to soften it up, add a bit of coconut oil to seal in the moisture. Then use a pea size amount of gel to ensure that the twist stay in tact, this will make them last longer too.

I apply all of the products mentioned to each twist. I let it stay over night, then take them down the following day.

I think the trick is not to mess about with the hair too much, otherwise all the curls will be lost and that’s how we arrive at unsuccessful twist outs haha.

That’s how i get a bit of definition in my hair. Sometimes i do two to three twists using the same products and i get similar results. Hope this helped.

Thanks for stopping by.


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‘Go to’ Natural Hairstyles

Keep your hairstyles fun and easy!. Having natural hair can be tedious at times but the best way to deal with the frustration is to play around with your hair and discover simple and exciting styles that will leave you feeling less stressed.

The less you manipulate your hair the better! This is why i gravitate towards styles that are quite simply low maintenance and won’t tug too much on my hair. I like to experiment as i’m still learning a lot about my natural hair.

I have three main styles that i love to wear and i always get complimented on them, they are classy and very easy to achieve!




Flat twisting my hair overnight and taking them down the following day is simply what i do. There is absolutely nothing to this and it’s worn by a lot of naturals as it’s by far one of the easiest styles, especially if you are newly natural. This is perfect if you are attending a wedding, graduation or an engagement party. You can add accessories to bring it up a notch!



Now this is my favourite, I section off the front of my hair leaving the sides to be swept up into the bun. For this style i would twist the front overnight, take them down the next day and fluff it out to my satisfaction. Using hair gel to slick down the edges is optional. This can be worn on a date night, drinks with the girls or just a regular day/night out.



There is a style for everyone if you think that the others might be too much for you then you just might find this one more wearable. All you have to do is section off the front and do a cornrow, tuck the cornrow into the side bun you’ll be creating. It sounds a bit difficult but it’s not. Now for this style i would wear it for work, running errands or to school.

Whichever style you choose you will turn heads, just make sure you wear it/them with a smile and be confident. See video for tutorial, do enjoy and thank you so much for watching.


Love Shaunz xo