Tropic Summer goddess shimmering body oil

Beautiful, glowing, healthy looking skin is in! I’ve been using this Tropic shimmering body oil and it makes my skin look amazing. It gives just the right amount of shimmer, without the sticky feel that some body oils give and it has a very lightweight feel on the skin. Who needs body oils that weighs down the skin? Not me!

It contains bourbon vanilla, virgin coconut and golden jojoba oils, which are natural oils designed to give your skin a rejuvenated , youthful and healthy look.

Not only does it have a subtle yet divine smell, it is made from 100% natural ingredients. Suitable for all skin types too.


Not shaken




How to use;

Shake up content in bottle as it separates when not used. Then apply as much needed to the skin, the choice is yours!

I haven’t been able to put this oil down, it is absolutely amazing, i kid you not! This will be a Summer staple for me, especially when the sun is out. The only downside is, it is a limited edition product.

What is your favourite body oil?

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Best body scrub ever?

I’m constantly trying new body scrubs and this one i came across is absolutely amazing! Could this be one of the best body scrubs on the market? Let’s find out.

I must have been through quite a few body scrubs in the past few years, one of my favourites is the coffee scrub from Lush, i’ve done a review on that one as well, here’s the link.

Doing my usual shopping at one of my local stores Tk Maxx, i saw this brand, never heard of them or seen them before. The first thing i saw from them were bath salts, so i picked up a bag, yet to try it out! Went back a few months later and saw a jar of their body scrub, so i picked it up and gave it a go!

Westlab detoxing salt, body scrub and bath soak, with Himalayan salt, mint and lemongrass, has no microbeads, which some of us may know are harmful to the environment. It is 100% pure, with mineral salts and natural essential oils.

The main ingredient salt is designed to wash away dead skin cells, which sometimes sit on top of the skin, leaving it feeling rough and dull. It’s great for minimising spots or ingrown hairs. This scrub will improve the texture and appearance of the skin, resulting in a more soft, smooth and healthy look. It can also be used in the bath as well, so it’s basically two in one.

It also claims that the essential oil fragrances when inhaled can trigger mood enhancing effects, helping you to feel more relaxed and uplifted.


My first impressions, how awesome is this stuff? My skin has never been this smooth and soft! I’ve used it twice and i have to stress that it does exactly what it says.

The salt grains exfoliates very well, and are just the right size to get all the dead cells off the skin. Silky smooth and as soft as velvet!

We are advised to take care when using it in the shower as the oils can make the surface quite slippery.

I will be heading back to the store for more, i’m really loving this scrub!

What’s your favourite body scrub?


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Forever Flawless-Diamond infused Vitamin C Booster

Hello beauties, a very happy and bright new year to you all! My first post for 2017, it feels like it’s been forever since i last posted on here. I’m back and i would love to share something that i picked up a few days ago with you.

After the holidays my skin was looking quite dull and lifeless, and to be honest i expected it to be that way as i’ve over indulged and i allowed myself to do so as it was the holidays, i’m sure some of us can relate haha. Time to whip that skin back in shape, refocus!

I’ve seen this skincare line floating around and i was never that interested until one of my friends purchased one of the products and raved highly about it, even then i still went on my merry old way, especially when she told me the price, my jaw dropped!

I’ve mentioned numerous times that i have problematic skin so i’ll do almost anything to get it looking right, so i decided to have a look into this skincare line. I went into their shop and had a browse around, i was soon greeted by a very friendly, courteous young lady who asked me what i was looking for so i told her my skin’s history.

She pointed me to what she knew would work for my skin type. She also made mention of her skin saying that she has suffered with acne in the past and using the product she’ll be introducing me to worked wonders for her. She was very knowledgeable and genuinely keen to assist me, so i was immediately sold.

As soon as she mentioned the price, i was ready to run out the front door, haha. She assured me that it will work and not only does it work, it will last about a year or more. How could i pass up on that? She also offered me a free facial and some other bits that made my shopping experience worthwhile.

Let me introduce you to the product i speak of!

Price $150usd

Forever Flawless Vitamin C Booster is formulated to nourish the skin with super anti-oxidant Vitamin C for younger, fresher and healthier appearance. In addition to Vitamin C, this boosting serum contains generous doses of extra fine diamond powder, Vitamin E, aloe,seaweed extract and other natural botanicals to correct dark spots, prevent skin discolouration and battle premature again.

They claim that within a few weeks of regular use, the skin will improve from inside out, appearing more radiant, firm and supple.( Information provided by Forever Flawless)


My thoughts

I’ve been using it for just a day and i like the way my skin feels and looks after use. It has a pleasant smell and it’s also light weight, with a creamy consistency, not too creamy. The mere fact that one of the key ingredients is diamond powder i was even more interested to give it a go.

They reckon a little goes a long way, just a couple of pumps for the face and neck should do the trick, twice daily.

Very expensive stuff but i’m hopeful that it’ll somewhat help my skin, so i guess i’ll have to wait and see and i’ll be back to give you updates. Have you heard of or tried this product or any other from the line? Let me know if you have.

Have a great day!

Shaunz xo



Lush face and body mask

Hey guys,

I’ve found that lately i’ve been into trying different scrubs and mask. It’s a plus when they are made from natural ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. Now i know a lot of you are familiar with the brand Lush, as they are definitely cruelty free and all their ingredients are very much natural.

I popped into their shop and as usual that lovely aroma hits as soon as i stepped through the door, it’s almost impossible to leave without picking up a few bits! As i browsed around, i spotted their face and body mask, there was a wide variety but i had to grab the one made from coffee. I must add before i get any further that i love coffee, one or two cups a day is just right for me, any more than that and i’d be quite jittery, i digress! I quickly put the mask in my basket along with a few bath bombs and made my way out of the store before i ended up with a hefty bill haha.

Of course i tried it as soon as i got home, it has an awesome smell of coffee not in the slightest way overbearing, if you’re a coffee lover, then you’ll find this pleasant. I can assure you that this is one of the best ways to pamper yourself in the privacy of your own home without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Now this mask has a thick consistency, with coarse coffee grounds that will ensure that your skin is properly exfoliated.

To apply it, i wet my hands a little, took out a generous amount a few times and distributed it all over my body, from my face to my feet. I had to keep wetting my hands as it gets a bit dry and it needed water to help it go onto the skin better. I was quite gentle as it is coarse. After smoothing it all over my body, i then left it on for 10 mins, they recommended  you let it sink in for 10-15 mins. Washed it off, which i have to say was a very messy job, as the coffee grounds got everywhere!

Let me just tell you how smooth and baby soft my skin felt, oh my goodness. This mask is amazing, even the day after my skin still felt soft, supple and rejuvenated. I really do like it and i’m planning to try a few more of their mask.


Here you can tell i’ve been really enjoying this mask. Have you tried any of Lush’s face and body mask? What are your thoughts? Do let me know, thanks for stopping by.

Shaunz xo

Battle of the Face Primers

Hello beautiful people,

Today i’ll be delving a bit into face primers. We should by now know that primers help  foundations to last longer and it also allows foundations to go on smoother onto the skin. I find using primers an essential part of my makeup routine, wearing primers as opposed to not wearing primers makes a big difference in the appearance and lasting power. I’ve tried wearing my foundation without and it was a disaster to be completely truthful being that i either get really oily quickly or my foundation doesn’t seem to sit properly on my face.

Some people reckon that it doesn’t make a difference but i beg to differ. When you have oily skin like myself, you reach for products that will counteract the oil, so having a great primer goes a long way. Primers can also be worn alone too if you’re trying to get rid of shininess on a day you don’t fancy wearing makeup.

Here are some of the primers that i have been using, some work whilst some don’t work as much. For example the Peter Thomas Roth, Mac’s prep + prime and the Rimmel, do absolutely nothing for my skin, so i toss them aside.



Smashbox Photofinish primer

This is an oil free primer, with a silky feel. It claims to be enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. it also claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. I’ve used this primer a couple of times and i still don’t know how i feel about it. It is a bit on the pricey side so i’ll carry on using it, who knows maybe i’ll grow to like it.


Becca Resurfacing primer

Has a velvety matte formula, that helps to control unwanted shine and ensures that your makeup last all day. I really do like this primer, in fact it is one of the best on the market in my opinion. My makeup does seem to last longer than usual when i use it.


Makeup For Ever HD primer

This is in number 4, which is meant to warm and even out the skin, whilst extending the wear of your makeup. It is tinted, so it can be worn alone or under makeup. I’m still testing out this product, so i won’t be able to give you a proper review. This primer is  available in 6 colour correcting shades and 1 transparent shade, so you choose according to  your skin type. I got this for a steal of £7.99 at my local TK Maxx, so i wasn’t going to leave it behind haha.


Revlon Photoready perfecting primer

This primer claims to soften the skin, and diffuse light to help minimise flaws and even out skin texture. It’s meant to be oil, paraben, talc and fragrance free. It also claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, giving your makeup a flawless finish. I have been using this primer for years and i find it to be a great product, considering it’s from the drugstore it does a pretty decent job. I’ve ran out of it so i’ll be repurchasing very soon.

So there you have it, my top primers for the face. What is your favourite primer to use? I’m open to new ones, please let me know. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.


Shaunz xo

Activated Charcoal

I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about activated charcoal and of course i did some research just to get more insight. It is used for a host of things including whitening teeth, treating body odour, relieving discomfort from insect bites, treating alcohol poisoning, treating  acne and so on. However today i’ll be focusing on the benefits of using activated charcoal on the skin.

According to my research, it is quite effective at controlling acne, as it absorbs oils and toxins on and below the surface of the skin, therefore leaving the skin smoother. It is mostly recommended for oily skin and should be used sparingly, say 1-2 a week. Individuals with dry skin are urged to stay away as it might dry out the skin even more. It is also great at minimising and unblocking the pores. Here’s a bonus for us who wear makeup, it is a great makeup remover!

Now i decided to try this product out so i picked up a facial scrub, i guess this is my way of testing out the product without committing too much. I have tried this once and it actually did make the surface of my skin smoother. I’m not saying anything new here as that’s what scrubs are meant to do right? Activated charcoal, comes in soap or mask forms as well, but for now i’m trying out the facial scrub. It is also available in different brands, this one is from Beauty Formulas and i got this from my local shop, Savers.


After cleansing my face, i left it wet, applied the scrub all over my face and neck in circular motions. I do this for about 30 secs, or until i was satisfied that the product was soaked into my skin, i then washed it off and pat my face dry. It was that easy!


Preferably 1-2 times a week, as using it too much can take away the skin’s natural oils. If you have dry skin, i wouldn’t encourage you to use this, as i mentioned above, it may make your skin even drier. Make sure the skin is cleansed before using.



I think this will be a part of my skin routine, so i’ll make sure to keep you guys updated, i might try other brands as well. Let me know if you’ve ever used activated charcoal, i’d like to know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by

Love, Shaunz x



Taking care of my skin




Hello beauties,

I cannot stress enough the importance of skincare. I at least try to do my routine once a week or at times when my face needs extra tlc!

The tea tree nose strips and the facial mask are my two secret weapons to achieving a somewhat healthy looking skin.

The tea tree nose strips, i’ve raved about on an Instagram post a few months ago is totally worth my £1. This product is undoubtedly one of the best things at getting rid of those pesky whiteheads, blackheads and other impurities on your nose. Here’s the full low down on this product;


It contains tea tree  and witch hazel which have long been known for their antibacterial properties. They aid in the treatment of acne, moisturises and refreshes the skin, draws out other impurities, and eliminate excessive oil, leaving the skin feeling and looking invigorated.

Now this nose pore strip has been my saviour, it does indeed lift the impurities off my nose. What i do is wet my nose, this is so the strip stays in place. Peel the strip off of the plastic on which it came, position it onto my nose as the picture shows. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then gently lift it off. Result! You can actually see what’s been lurking  as soon as that strip is pulled off. This can be done 1-2 times per week.

I discovered this product at a shop called Savers Uk, the best part is, it was only £1!. I stocked up of course.



Another product which has been a major part of my skin care routine are facial masks. The market is oversaturated with  different types of facial masks but you’re guaranteed to find one that works for your skin. They all have one goal and that’s to keep your skin in tact!

I got this from my local drugstore it’s from the brand 7th Heaven. I’ve picked up different ones but this is the one i’ve been using lately. Sometimes my skin looks a bit dull and rough, it needs to be looked after and i’m not always in the position to go get a facial, so i use this mask.

Here’s what i do. Thoroughly wash my face first, apply mask, leave it on for 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water, towel dry, then apply my moisturiser of choice. My face looks rejuvenated. At a very small price tag of £1, that cannot be beat.


These are just small ways in which you can  help to fight pre mature aging, blemishes and other skin problems. Doesn’t always have to break the bank, even though it’s a great feeling getting a professional to do the job.

If i add anything else to my routine, i’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, check out these two products i’ve mentioned, especially that nose pore strip. It’s definitely Shaunz approved.

Shaunz xo