London travels

Hello my friends, it’s been a while! Hope you’re all well.

I had the chance to revisit one of my favourite cities over the weekend, and as expected i had a good time. London is such an interesting, lively, wonderful place to visit. So much life everywhere you turned, lots to do and see, very rich history.

I didn’t get to do everything i had set out to do but i was very pleased that i got to see some of the places that i fell in love with.

First thing on my list was to get some exercise in whilst sightseeing, i think this is one of the ideal ways of actually taking in all the historic sites, as opposed to taking a bus, taxi or train. We set out on a hot day, which wasn’t a very good idea, but we were on a mission haha.

The first stop was the National history Museum, where you can find some of the most fascinating creatures to ever grace this earth! A must see if you’re ever in the London area. My favourite bit was seeing the dinosaur being brought to life, it was scary yet interestingly realistic!

After the museum tour, we did a few parks, namely Hyde Park, Green Park and The St.James Park. Buckingham Palace was not to be missed, so of course we made our way there and as expected packed with people from all walks of life.

The last places we passed by were Southbank to see the London Eye, i’ve been on it a few years ago, such a wonderful experience, very gentile! Then West Minster to see good old Big Ben, “the prince of time keepers”: The biggest and most accurate four faced, striking and chiming clock in the world.

If this wasn’t a day well spent, then i don’t know what is! After about four hours of walking on a quite muggy day, it was time to call it quits and head back to the hotel to regroup!P1010887


I truly enjoyed my day in London City, won’t be long before i’m there again. Thanks for stopping by!


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Lunch with girlfriends


It’s always fun when my girlfriends and i get together, there’s never a dull moment. I’m surrounded by beautiful, smart women who empower each other. There is nothing more distasteful than females who try to bring each other down, so i quickly run for the hills if i sense that.

We decided to do lunch and bounce ideas off of each other. Let’s just say, we are all aspiring business women, so listening to each others potential business ventures and giving our input helps tremendously.

Moral of the story is, surround yourself with like minded, positive, hardworking individuals, who will support and cheer you on.

It doesn’t hurt to be at a lovely beach restaurant either! haha. This location is Jacqui O’s Love Beach, wonderful food and scenery!

Stay beautiful!


Lovely Antigua (Fun in the sun)


Just having the ability to enjoy the beautiful beaches, and sunsets are just two of the many reasons Antigua is the place to be! What a lovely time with some of my closest friends? we played cricket which is a very popular sport on the island, we splashed about in the ocean, drank cocktails and did a bit of yoga whilst watching the sun set.

Check out vlog on my channel, i hope you get some inspiration as well as entertainment. It may be cold where you are but warmer days are ahead. Stay safe and have a great day or night.

Shaunz x

A little piece of Paradise, Antigua


I’m standing on one of 365 beaches, North beach in Jolly Harbour, situated on the west coast of Antigua


Views from Reeds Point, over looking Jolly Harbour. That hill on the left is called the sleeping Indian, as it’s shaped like an indian asleep.


Views for Pearn’s Point, a new development which will have luxury private homes and a hotel. This is also situated on the West coast of Antigua.


Views from Pearn’s Pointp1010347


Beautiful, lush, tranquil little gem, situated in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. The beach is just the beginning! 365 white sandy beaches, one for everyday of the year, Antigua and Barbuda a twin island state.

Antigua has been my home for the past 14 years, i am a Jamaican by birth, but i proudly represent both countries, which bear some form of similarity.

To be able to enjoy warm, sunny days, swim in the calm, blue waters, walk along the beaches with the sand between my toes is simply unmatched! I call it paradise.

Antigua’s sees a lot of tourists each year as it’s their main industry and i can certainly see the appeal. To be able to relax in peaceful surroundings, with gorgeous weather all year round is ideal for most.

There is a huge sailing community here as well, sailors from all over, come to the twin island state because the seas are often times calm and friendly and that’s smooth sailing, so to speak!

If you are still deciding on what Caribbean islands to visit, do add Antigua to your list. As my fellow Antiguans would say “Yuh haffu com” (You have to come). Come enjoy a piece of paradise.

I’ve put together a little video of what i got up to, i do hope you enjoy There will be more to come. Thanks for watching.

Love, Shaunz xo

The Jamaican tag

Hello beautiful,

I’m such a sucker for tags! You wouldn’t be able to tell as i don’t do them much. I find that you learn so much about an individual and some can be quite entertaining and fun as well. If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Shauna and i’m going to take you on a trip down memory lane.

Jamaica  celebrated their 54th independence on Aug o6, and i thought to finish off the celebrations, i’d quickly do the Jamaican tag, what this is really are a few questions that give an insight into our beautiful country.

Here goes!

1.When was the last time in Jamaica?

I was In Jamaica in February.

2.What Jamaican dish do you enjoy?

I have a very long list as i do love Jamaican food. My favourite however is Ackee and saltfish. So delicious!



3.Household items that best resembles your culture?

The only things i have that resembles my culture are coffee and meat or fish seasoning. Jamaica has one of the best tasting coffees around, in my opinion! a cup of this in the morning, sets the tone for an amazing day.



4.Say something in your Jamaican dialect

Haha, this never gets old! i’ve been put on the spot so many times, but because i’m a good sport, i never back down. Here’s one ‘me luv unuh’ (I love you guys). I crack myself up writing in patois (our dialect), and it’s even harder to read!

5.Which part of Jamaica are you from?

I was born in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, but spent some years in Clarendon, which is another parish in Jamaica.

6.What do you like most about the Jamaican culture?

The food, our Reggae music, especially old school Reggae, our rich heritage and our people.

7.Favourite places in Jamaica to visit?

I have quite a few but Portland stands out for me. I recently went there and i fell in love, it’s located on Jamaica’s Northeast Coast and it boasts places like The Blue Lagoon, Reach Falls, Rafting down the Rio Grande, Frenchman’s Cove and so much more.

Reach Falls

reach falls

Rafting down the Rio Grande


Blue Lagoon


8. Places you recommend to people visiting Jamaica.

Portland, which i just mentioned, Ocho Rios, Negril, Montego Bay and of course Kingston. There are so many other places that are worth visiting. I say try to see all  14 parishes if you have time, they are all amazing and have their own unique attractions.

9.What’s the best memory you had in jamaica?

I have so many great memories of Jamaica, growing up with friends, story telling, playing games, of course there were no computers or internet, so we had no choice but to be very active and we appreciated that way of life!

I have been residing in Antigua for many years, but i’ll never forget my sweet land Jamaica!

Thank you for stopping by, i hope you enjoyed reading.

Love Shaunz xo


Glorious Goodwood





I always look forward to going to Goodwood, the amazing atmosphere, people dressed in their finery and of course the odd betting on horses is such a wonderful experience.

So we were invited by a friend to be in the owners and trainers area (the posh bit), this is where you get to see the horses before they go out to the track and you also get to meet very interesting people.

Now being in that enclosure, of course there was a wide selection of drinks and also nibbles, so a glass of their finest white wine was the drink of my choice. Whilst i sipped on my wine, i watched the horses parade around the paddock and also joined in on a few conversations.

Time to get down to business, and that’s the betting. I am a novice when it comes to horse racing, but it’s fun. There was a kind gentleman who we met that told us to put some money on a particular horse, so we did. We rushed down to the track to watch the horse in action only to be disappointed. The horse fell in the starting stall and didn’t get a chance to run! Great just our luck, here i am thinking we’ve lost our money. Thankfully we didn’t, as they refunded everyone who had placed a bet on this horse. To be honest it was hilarious. That didn’t deter us, we placed a couple more bets and lost but it was the thrill of doing it.

To sum up, it was a classic English day at the races, and i enjoyed it immensely.

Outfit details-

Dress- Missguided

Heels- Missguided

Fascinator- Marks & Spencers

Purse- TK Maxx

Necklace- Aldo


Shaunz xo

My travels-Barcelona (cont’d)

Hey guys!

My trip to Barcelona was nothing short of awesome, quite a short visit but i did manage to see a few sites. One of the places i visited was the Museum of arts (Museu nacional D’Art De Catalunya), which is said to have the best collection of Romanesque mural paintings in the world, and they also featured artists of Catalan Modernism including Gaudi and Casas. If you’re very much into arts, you would have found it quite fascinating,  but unfortunately i didn’t get to see them due to lack of time! From this museum you got panoramic city views and the water features at the front added a nice touch. I couldn’t miss out on a photo.

Other places i visited were La Sagrada Familia, (which is the church on the top right hand corner). This was an Antoni Gaudi Cornet design, (he was an Architect from Barcelona known for being innovative with distinctive designs).They started building it over 100 years ago and it’s still under construction! This church is a sight to see, very intricate details and it’s said to be one of the most visited monuments in Spain. Again i didn’t get a chance to see the interior which was a bit disappointing, but it’s definitely worth seeing.

The highlight of my trip was going to Montserrat, a multi peaked mountain located near the city of Barcelona (bottom right). There is a Monastery there as well. To get there, there were a few train rides involved, one from Placa Espanya  where i stayed, then there’s one that took us up to Montserrat, and this was the fun part, as the train drove through the rock formation mountains and the views were quite superb! There was also the option of taking the cable cars which would take less time to get up the mountain. We also went on a very small train called the funicular, it took us to the very top where the views were meant to be spectacular, but it was rainy and cloudy so there wasn’t much we could see. This is also a great place of interest, very much worth visiting.

As for food, there is one Restaurant called  Casa de Tapas Canota, located on Carrer de Lleida, they served really great Tapas and i enjoyed it there, so check them out if you’re ever in Barcelona.

Their market was heaving with fresh fruits, vegetables, seafoods and meats.You can also enjoy meals that they prepared right there for you, such a busy place and everyone seemed genuinely happy.

As i had mentioned in my previous post, i don’t think i would’ve even scratched the surface, as it’s quite a big city but i made the most of my time there and overall it was amazing.

Where to next? Guess we’ll see!


See video of my time there, hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

Love Shaunz x