Whiter teeth naturally/Carbon Coco

Correct me if i’m wrong in saying everyone aspires to have a beautiful, white, bright smile! I’ve tried whitening toothpastes and whitening kits, which were a complete waste of money. The only thing that actually worked was a trip to the Dentist’s office, which came with a whopping price tag.

I’ve been researching different ways, in which i can achieve or should i say maintain, whiter teeth, if i’m being honest, my teeth are pretty decent, thanks to my Dentist.

Now i happen to see a few Youtubers review this natural teeth whitening kit, made of activated charcoal and i was quite intrigued. According to their reviews, some were pretty pleased with the results.

I was lucky enough to receive the same teeth whitening kit from the company called Carbon Coco, who are Australian based. What really stood out to me was the fact that this is a natural way of getting whiter teeth, they are vegan friendly, i’m not a vegan but i have lots of friends who are, and they are also cruelty free.

In using this teeth whitening treatment, you are meant to see results within 7-14 days. I’m on day 1, so i’ll be tracking my progress. If this indeed works, you’ll be the first to know!

They claim that it’s gentle, yet effective in detoxifying the mouth and removing stains that may have been caused by coffee, tea or other coloured drinks. It’s also meant to keep bad breath at bay.


The kit comes with a toothbrush, the activated charcoal powder, whitening toothpaste, tongue scraper and a storage bag.

Usage: Dip toothbrush into powder, making sure it’s well coated. Brush teeth in circles for 2-3 mins, then rinse. After brushing with powder, brush with whitening toothpaste for more or less the same time. Repeat twice daily for 7-14 days for results.


Day 1

Did i see any results after one use? Maybe just a little bit, but then again, my teeth were in a fairly good state to begin with. I can only tell if it really works if i continue using it for the recommended period.

Let the testing begin! Have you tried this kit or anything similar? What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading. Here’s the link to their website, do check them out!.



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Spring outfits


Casual chic is what i call this look- An evening of hanging with the girls having a few drinks, this is the perfect outfit. I love the off the shoulder top, shows just the right amount of skin. Nicely fitted jeans that hugs the body comfortably and to top off the look,  a pop of colour pumps!

Top-TK Maxx



Purse-TK Maxx


Not everyday we feel like dressing up, however it doesn’t hurt to look presentable. This outfit would be great for a quick run to the mall, picking up some grocery, a walk along the seafront or even a chilled cook out with friends or family. This top is super warm even though it has holes in it, so it would be great on a cooler Spring’s day.





Bag-Deichmann (couple years old)


This simple white dress is so versatile, it can be dressed up or down. In this case i’ve decided to dress it up with these gorgeous multi coloured block heels, however you can throw on some flats, if you want to to give it a more laid back look.

Oversized jeans shirt-Boohoo


Heels-Miss KG (Kurt Geiger)

Purse-TK Maxx

Affordable, chic, comfortable and stylish are just some of the words to describe these outfits. You don’t have to break the bank to look good, it’s a matter of how you put the pieces together and of course rock them with confidence!

Thanks for indulging me…


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Lunch with girlfriends


It’s always fun when my girlfriends and i get together, there’s never a dull moment. I’m surrounded by beautiful, smart women who empower each other. There is nothing more distasteful than females who try to bring each other down, so i quickly run for the hills if i sense that.

We decided to do lunch and bounce ideas off of each other. Let’s just say, we are all aspiring business women, so listening to each others potential business ventures and giving our input helps tremendously.

Moral of the story is, surround yourself with like minded, positive, hardworking individuals, who will support and cheer you on.

It doesn’t hurt to be at a lovely beach restaurant either! haha. This location is Jacqui O’s Love Beach, wonderful food and scenery!

Stay beautiful!


Happy April 1st!


This stands out in my head so much! Haha. I remember as a child i was fooled all the time and it really annoyed me as i didn’t get that it was just people making jokes.

It was such a big practice on April 1st in Jamaica, and a lot of people were amused by it. Imagine being told by a relative or sibling that your mom wanted you to do small jobs, then when you go ask your mom, she said it’s not the case! I was so livid, after all that they’d then laugh and say gotcha ‘Tom Fool’s day’, this was the name for it in Jamaica.  Sometimes they’d take it to the extent of making you go to see someone, not knowing they are all in cahoots, you see the person, they then send you to see someone else and it carries on until one person caves, this is called sending the fool a little further, haha! Looking back now it is quite hilarious, my childhood was never a dull one.

It’s not practiced so much today as it was then, i suppose there are other fun things that have taken over, modern days!

Have you fooled anyone? I might try!

Have a safe and happy April 1st.

Love, Shaunz

The beach is just the beginning!


Being on the beach on a warm sunny day in beautiful Antigua is just what the doctor ordered! Just feeling the sand between my toes, and the sun shining down on my skin, there is no better feeling.

This is Ffryes beach located on the West Coast of the island. It is about one mile long and  looks out at Montserrat and other neighbouring islands which you may see very clearly on a good day.

Sometimes this beach gets very busy with visitors, swimming around, sun bathing, drinking and just having an all around good time, this is the perfect get away for them especially if they are living in colder climates.

Come along to this beach if you’re ever in Antigua, experience a piece of paradise, you won’t be disappointed!

Outfit of the day detail;

Dress- Boohoo

Sunglasses- Dolce & Gabbana

Until next time, be safe and stay beautiful.

Love, Shaunz xo

2 years natural hair anniversary

Hello friends, hope all is well with you.

January 25th marked two years since i decided to do away with the relaxers. By no means am i against anyone who wishes to relax their hair, this is a personal preference, a decision that has done a world of good to my hair.

Two years ago i got tired of transitioning so i decided to cut the relaxed hair off which was quite a substantial amount and embrace my natural, kinky, coily hair. I can’t say i wasn’t scared, but it was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

I’ve learned a great deal and i still am. Growing natural, healthy hair is a challenge which takes patience, dedication and lots of money (not really) that is if you’re a product junkie like myself haha. I said lots of money because i will purchase anything that says natural hair on the packaging, sometimes they work for my hair, sometimes they don’t. If they don’t work then i bin them without second thoughts. I’m getting better actually as i’ve found a few product lines that are amazing. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, i did so because i was trying to narrow down products that my hair loved and i think i’ve managed to find a few.

I’ve been obsessed with the Cantu and Cream of Nature line. I’ve been using these lines since i started my natural hair journey and i will continue to do so.

From the Cantu line my favourites are: The creamy hair lotion and the deep conditioning mask. From the Cream of Nature line: Their shampoos and conditioners, the hair milk and the strength and shine leave in conditioner. When i use gels i usually use the Eco- styler, and for oils i’m a big fan of coconut, Tea Tree and castor oil. Water is also a must in my routine.

Just to sum this up, i have had no regrets, i try to stay away from heat and dyes, i have been tempted but i haven’t yielded as yet.

If you’re transitioning, had the big chop or you’re thinking about going natural my advice to you is, take the time to learn what your hair likes and dislikes, be patient, do a lot of protective styling. Keep your hair moisturised, low manipulation is key also as you won’t be pulling and tugging your hair all the time. Trim your ends and remember to rock your hair with confidence!


Love, Shaunz xo

Feel free to check out my video to hear more about my journey. Thank you and have a great day..

Holiday lipsticks

My love for lipsticks will never end, i do enjoy showing you guys my seasonal picks. Even though i say seasonal, to be quite frank i’m one to wear any colour throughout the year. However some shades are more so for certain seasons, like brights are associated with Spring and Summer and the darker shades for the more gloomy Autumn and winter months.

I’ve tried to incorporate affordable, budget friendly lipsticks, that are suitable for all skin tones.

Let me start off with this deep wine coloured lipstick from NYX called Full throttle. I used Barry M lip liner in number 7 to outline my lips.

1.Matte finish

2.Very pigmented

3.Long lasting

4.Not drying on the lips





This is a orangey red shade called Creeper from Colourpop

1.Liquid to matte finish


3. Patchy in parts




This is a lovely brown shade called Limbo also from Colourpop

1.Liquid to matte finish

2.Long lasting


4.Glides on smoothly and easily

5. Affordable

See video for other shades that would be perfect for the holiday season. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.