Kourtney Kardashian inspired outfit



Hello everyone! I’m a big fan of Kourtney Kardashian’s fashion sense, i think she knows what works for her and she’s quite trendy too. She wears her pieces with confidence and that’s exactly one of the reasons i love her style.

I saw her in a similar outfit to this sometime ago and i was obsessed with it. It was right up my street, a crop top with palazzo and some heels, simple yet chic. The fun part about this outfit is that i already had the pieces in my closet and i thought to myself, why not do an inspired look!

The inspired outfit came right to life with my own spin on it. Perfect for a day or night out, it’s one of those styles that you can dress up or down. If you take the heels out of the equation and put some flats or sandals on, it immediately turns into a more casual look.

I really loved this outfit, great for warm Summer days or nights. It shows a bit of skin but very tastefully. Quite inexpensive too, so you won’t be breaking the bank at all.


Palazzo-Tk Maxx


Purse-Tk Maxx

Do check out the video linked below to see the outfit in all its glory! Thank you.


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Spring/Summer jewellery collection

Hey beauties!

Your look is never really complete without accessories of some sort. Be it earrings, necklaces, bags or scarves, in this case i’ll be speaking about jewellery. Personally i like to take a very simple outfit and turn it into something special with a statement necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings .

Take this for example;


This beautiful multi chain, drop necklace is truly a statement. Pair this with a tank top or a plain tight fitting dress and instantly you look like a million bucks! This is from Topshop.


I thought the choker trend would have died by now but surprisingly they are still going very strong. I’m a huge fan of course, so my collection keeps growing. This tiered link piece is from Topshop.


This is one of my favourites! As soon as i saw it, i immediately fell in love, get it? As it said love, which we need more of! It is made from a velvet material, so it’s fairly comfortable around the neck. I have had a lot of people complimenting me on it as well, so you might see it pop up again very soon haha. I purchased this from Select.


Perfect for a Summer wedding. This gorgeous piece is from Asda, their George collection. I love the fact that it can be worn with any colour outfit. Such a classy piece that looks expensive but came with a very affordable price tag.


Don’t you just love cute rings? I had to fight the urge not to buy the whole collection on the site, i have a terrible habit of buying rings and end up watching them from a far and marvel at their beauty, sigh! I liked these because i love purple and also because these can be worn individually as well as together as seen in the picture. These are from Boohoo.


This one is quite different to what i’m used to wearing, it stands out a lot. I also thought the leaf design made it so unique. Another piece from Boohoo.

Which were your picks? Thanks for stopping by. Here’s the link to others i haven’t mentioned here.

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Spring outfits


Casual chic is what i call this look- An evening of hanging with the girls having a few drinks, this is the perfect outfit. I love the off the shoulder top, shows just the right amount of skin. Nicely fitted jeans that hugs the body comfortably and to top off the look,  a pop of colour pumps!

Top-TK Maxx



Purse-TK Maxx


Not everyday we feel like dressing up, however it doesn’t hurt to look presentable. This outfit would be great for a quick run to the mall, picking up some grocery, a walk along the seafront or even a chilled cook out with friends or family. This top is super warm even though it has holes in it, so it would be great on a cooler Spring’s day.





Bag-Deichmann (couple years old)


This simple white dress is so versatile, it can be dressed up or down. In this case i’ve decided to dress it up with these gorgeous multi coloured block heels, however you can throw on some flats, if you want to to give it a more laid back look.

Oversized jeans shirt-Boohoo


Heels-Miss KG (Kurt Geiger)

Purse-TK Maxx

Affordable, chic, comfortable and stylish are just some of the words to describe these outfits. You don’t have to break the bank to look good, it’s a matter of how you put the pieces together and of course rock them with confidence!

Thanks for indulging me…


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Spring shoes!

Happy Friday friends, hope the week has been good to you!

I’ve been inspired by a few trends lately and usually i’m not one to jump on the bandwagon. My style is classy, not very complicated yet stylish, as i like to put it.

When it comes on to footwear, give me a pair of pumps and i’m out the door. However last season i found myself wearing a lot of strappy, gladiator typed heels and to be honest that wasn’t really my style. I suppose being the ‘fashion junkie’ that i am, i wanted to explore, and that’s quite ok, as i’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for me.

Back to my simple, statement footwear!


These black with clear straps, snake print mules are from Missguided. Simple, elegant and sexy! Mules are very on trend and  i have to admit i absolutely love them. They add such a feminine touch to any outfit. You can find them in flats, chunky heels or stilettos.


You can never go wrong with a pop of colour in your closet. These are such a classy number! Pumps are and forever will be trendy. These gorgeous babes are from Newlook. They are quite comfortable as well, so i’m thinking of adding a few more to my ever growing shoe collection! A little white dress, or a pair of skinny jeans are just a few ways to show these off.


I was never a fan of the slides, i thought they were the most hideous looking slippers i’ve ever seen! What was i thinking? haha. They are super cute and perfect for running errands in without looking drab. The most popular are the ones with furs, however the bow on these adds a more girly look. Pair them with your favourite denim shorts and a t shirt for a casual nicely put together look. These are from Missguided.

I’ve showcased a few more of my favourites on my channel, so feel free to stop by. Thank you.

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Festival makeup look


Who’s ready for Coachella or any other festivals?

Hello friends, i don’t know about you but i’m truly enjoying these bold, vibrant colours!  So fitting for the festival season. A few years ago you’d never get me to wear anything that wasn’t neutrals, but as i started delving into bolds, and stepping outside my comfort zone i’ve realised that it’s not that bad and they look great on my skin tone.

This looks brings me to life, i’m going to quickly break it down for you:

My face and brows are the usual routine, the only thing that i change from time to time is my foundation.

For the eyes i used two palettes from Shany Cosmetics, the 7 layer masterpiece for the blues used on my lids and lash lines and the eyebook for the crease/transition shade. It was quite simple and not a lot of effort was involved, except for making sure that all the colours are blended in together to give it a seamless finish.

I added Yegz lashes which are some of my favourites, because they are so affordable, beautiful and really easy to work with. The fun part of the look was adding the stars to the side of my face, when the lights hit them, they are a dream! I wish i had done both sides but the end result was great, if i may say so myself.

To complete the entire look, i put a choker on and a hat which is from H&M, now i am festival ready!

See how i achieved this by clicking link below. Feel free to try it out too. Thanks for stopping by.


Hot Miami Styles haul

Hello everyone, phew! a week went by and i haven’t posted anything, that is so unlike me! I feel terrible when i don’t update my blog or any of my other social media, as i had said to myself for this year i want to be even more consistent. Hey we are humans, that’s my excuse lol.

To kick off my fashion haul for 2017 i decided to check out an online store that has been talked about a lot by fashionistas that i follow. They spoke so highly of this site that i couldn’t help but have a look.

Hot Miami Styles has some amazing, very stylish, high quality, on trend pieces that’s guaranteed to suit most of us girls needs. I was quite impressed with my purchases and i will be shopping with them again. Some items are quite reasonable as well as some are pricey.

I picked up 5 dresses and 3 pairs of heels. Unfortunately one pair of the heels wasn’t true to size so it didn’t fit, how disappointing? Everything else was perfect so i won’t complain too much. Here are some of the items i picked up, be sure to check out the video i’ll be linking down below to see what else i purchased.


This navy blue, boho print, off the shoulder, baby doll dress is the perfect flowy piece for days that are a little warmer. Pair it with your favourite gladiator heels or flats and you’re ready for a shopping trip or an afternoon of fun with the girls.


I’m in awe of this sky blue lace up dress, it hugs my body like a glove, it has a little bit of stretch which makes it quite comfortable to wear. The lace detail adds so much appeal, which makes it just right for an evening out with that special someone. It has a high neck, and an exposed zipper in the back.


Ok can we have a little moment to take all this glamour in? I was wowed when i received this black iridescent stones quilted dress. Despite the fact that i live in the islands where the weather most days is pretty warm, i couldn’t stop myself from quickly placing it in my basket. When the light hits this dress, it’s just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen! This would’ve been my pick for New years eve but because it’s quilted, i had to wear something else more suitable for the warm weather. I am a size small.


I’ve been trying to get my hands on a pair of gray heels for a while now and i found these faux suede strappy ones. They are light weight, comfortable enough, with a 4-4 1\2 inch heel. I’m a US size 7, UK size 5 and these were true to size.


My favourite of course are these denim walnut strappy heel sandals. I have nothing like this in my wardrobe so imagine how happy i was when i spotted them. They are so gorgeous and very comfortable. I have no idea what i’ll be wearing them with just yet, but i’m sure i’ll figure that out.

My experience shopping at Hot Miami Styles was great, they have a chat line on the site as well so whatever you need to know they’ll be happy to assist you. Shipping to my US address didn’t take very long, i think it was 3-4 business days. As i live in the islands it took a little longer, i believe it took  2 weeks as it was also the holidays. They also have international shipping. Here’s their website:


Video link to the try on haul, thank you guys for stopping by and also watching. Have a great day.

Shaunz xo

My Island footwear

One of the best things about living in the Caribbean is that you never have to worry about the weather getting too cold, so i take full advantage, by wearing my gorgeous heels or any footwear with my toes out. Don’t get me wrong, i also enjoy wearing boots but it just wouldn’t be suitable in the hot weather, even though we still do haha.

I’m a shoe o holic so my collection is quite colossal, however i’m working on downsizing a bit. In the meantime, i just wanted to share some of my favourites at the moment.


These blue, multi strapped, minimalist ones with gold heels are from Asos, i picked them up a while ago. Perfect height and the colour is stunning. Pair them with a black or white dress.



Comfortable is just one word to describe these laser cut heels which are from Missguided, they are different to your regular black pumps or minimal heels. These add a bit of pizazz to your outfit, because of their stylish, intricate detail, the tassels on the zippers at the back adds a nice touch!



Now i call these the head turner! Colourful, sexy, classy, and oh so beautiful are just some of the words to describe these heels. Betsey Johnson is the brand and i got them from TK Maxx. I’m in awe of them, i’ve received numerous compliments on how pretty they are, i think they are the perfect pair of heels for the islands. I especially love the pom poms on the front, playful and girly.


There are a couple more so if you’d like to see them, click on the video and have a watch. Hope you enjoy, do let me know which you liked. Thanks for indulging me.