Hi i’m Shauna, welcome to my blog!

Growing up I’ve always been into very girly things. I used to play around in my moms makeup to the point where she decided to get me my own kit. I guess that’s where my undying love for makeup started. As for fashion, I’d make my dolls clothes and play dress up all day, much to my moms annoyance.

Beauty and fashion are outlets for me to express myself and also to inspire others. People have different ways of showing how they feel, be it drawing, writing, dancing etc. As long as it makes us happy that’s the most important thing.

My blog is a platform for me to showcase makeup,fashion and life in general. I’m hoping that you take away something positive, which will leave you feeling inspired!

There’s beauty in every one of us, embrace it and be your own kind of beautiful!

Love, Shaunz xo


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