Coloured Raine matte liquid paint

Coloured Raine is a paraben and gluten free brand, that’s also vegan friendly and cruelty free. I’ve tried their liquid lipsticks in the past and i was very impressed with the colour pay off, longevity and the comfort on my lips!

The only con i have is that they are a bit on the pricey side, at £15, which is a bit steep for a lipstick, just my thought. Now i usually wait till there’s a sale on Beauty Bay so i can take advantage, which is what i did this time around.

Here’s a little run down on their matte liquid paint:

”A highly pigmented matte finish liquid lipstick in a variety of shades. ” It is opaque and has a light weight feel. It goes on as liquid and dries to a matte finish which is intense and will stay all day . It claims to be smudge proof.

Are they smudge proof? Yes! Are they intense? Yes! just apply two to three coats and you’ll get great colour pay off. Here are a few swatches i did.


This one is called “Classy” it is a pink- tinged white. If you are of a dark or deeper skin tone, i’d suggest using a brown lip liner. If you are light to medium, then just apply it as is and you are good to go.


This is “Whatever” and it’s a true mocha, one of my favourites. Would go nicely on medium to dark skin tones.


Excuse the silly face, haha. What’s life without a little silliness sometimes? Now this shade is also a favourite of mine, i wear this shade all year round. Suitable for all skin tones, the name is “Roulette”, a dark rouge with purple undertones.

Which was your favourite? Check video linked below to see what other shades i swatched. Thanks for stopping by, happy Friday.


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Whiter teeth naturally/Carbon Coco

Correct me if i’m wrong in saying everyone aspires to have a beautiful, white, bright smile! I’ve tried whitening toothpastes and whitening kits, which were a complete waste of money. The only thing that actually worked was a trip to the Dentist’s office, which came with a whopping price tag.

I’ve been researching different ways, in which i can achieve or should i say maintain, whiter teeth, if i’m being honest, my teeth are pretty decent, thanks to my Dentist.

Now i happen to see a few Youtubers review this natural teeth whitening kit, made of activated charcoal and i was quite intrigued. According to their reviews, some were pretty pleased with the results.

I was lucky enough to receive the same teeth whitening kit from the company called Carbon Coco, who are Australian based. What really stood out to me was the fact that this is a natural way of getting whiter teeth, they are vegan friendly, i’m not a vegan but i have lots of friends who are, and they are also cruelty free.

In using this teeth whitening treatment, you are meant to see results within 7-14 days. I’m on day 1, so i’ll be tracking my progress. If this indeed works, you’ll be the first to know!

They claim that it’s gentle, yet effective in detoxifying the mouth and removing stains that may have been caused by coffee, tea or other coloured drinks. It’s also meant to keep bad breath at bay.


The kit comes with a toothbrush, the activated charcoal powder, whitening toothpaste, tongue scraper and a storage bag.

Usage: Dip toothbrush into powder, making sure it’s well coated. Brush teeth in circles for 2-3 mins, then rinse. After brushing with powder, brush with whitening toothpaste for more or less the same time. Repeat twice daily for 7-14 days for results.


Day 1

Did i see any results after one use? Maybe just a little bit, but then again, my teeth were in a fairly good state to begin with. I can only tell if it really works if i continue using it for the recommended period.

Let the testing begin! Have you tried this kit or anything similar? What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading. Here’s the link to their website, do check them out!.


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GWA (Girl With Attitude) makeup look + review

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well.

You know i love to share my new and not so new discoveries with you right? Hey sharing is caring! Ok so this brand i’m about to tell you about isn’t very popular as far as i know, however they are quite good. The first time i came across this makeup line was in a store in the UK called Savers, if you know me then you’d know i go where things are pretty inexpensive.

Ok so lined out in the makeup section of this store were some of the most beautiful lashes i’ve ever seen, and the packaging was very nice as well. What do you know, i have about ten pairs of lashes in my basket, why not? haha, they were £2.99, i wasn’t gonna pass up those great offers. To cut this story very short, i basically fell in love with their lashes, so i was very keen to try out the other products in their line. Here we go!

This is how it happened, one fine day, i was scrolling down my Instagram Timeline and saw this brand again, this time, they were advertising their eyeshadow palettes, so i went onto their page and was amazed at how beautiful and well presented their products were, so i went straight to their website and ordered a few bits.

I was away at the time, so i can’t say how quick their delivery system was, but all i can say is, the packaging were to die for! They have put some thoughts into every single detail. Even if the product themselves were crap, you’d definitely be sold based only on how they looked, so magical!

I loved everything, from their eyeshadow and highlighting palettes to their matte liquid lipsticks! Oh did i mention they were also vegan friendly and cruelty free? Oh yes, and also affordable!



Here are the claims for both palettes:

*Ultra pigmented

*long wearing

*Velvety smooth

*Cruelty free

The eyeshadow palette was £9.99 and the highlighting palette £11.99. As for the liquid lipsticks they claim they are:

*Ultra pigmented

*Long wearing

*Matte finish

*Non transfer

It also smelt like peaches, insert smiley face 😉

So far i can say their claims are true, i’m a happy camper!

Here’s the look i came up with.


Hope you liked the look, feel free to check out the tutorial, linked below. I’ve also done a swatch of the palettes as well, so check that out whilst you’re there! Thanks for stopping by.


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