My choker obsession part 1!

Hey guys, are you as obsessed with the choker trend as i am? My collection is expanding quite rapidly! So many different styles are out there and i just love how gorgeous some are. Today I’ll be showcasing some of my simpler every day ones.



This one has a chain detail at the front, but the rest of it is quite simple. I got it from Pull&Bear. Throw on your favourite tank top or low cut blouse and Β straight away you look more dressed up.



Double up! As you can see in this picture, the top choker is very simple but to amp it up a bit i’ve added another piece which is a silver choker with a cross pendant. These were also purchased from Pull&Bear.



Another piece with studs, now it’s less boring and a bit more interesting. This is from Pull&Bear.



This piece is a little more dressy and classy, so i’d more likely wear this one out on a date or a special occasion. With an off the shoulder or spaghetti strapped dress, quite alluring! This is my favourite of all the chokers i’ve shown. I purchased this from Select.

Do stick around for part 2, it will be coming very soon. The beauty about these pieces are that they were inexpensive.

Which did you like?



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