I am not my hair.

I am not my hair.

I made the conscious decision almost a year and a half ago to let go of something that didn’t define me. Hair be gone! It was such a relief, for some people it’s a big deal but for me it was just simply getting rid of the old.

I’ve learned so much, it is indeed a journey and you dare not rush it, patience is the absolute key. It was one of the best decisions i made for myself and i’ve had no regrets.

I must add though that at times it gets a little frustrating but when i look back on how badly i treated my relaxed hair, i immediately smile to myself and say, you are doing just fine.

As the months progress, i get more and more excited as i see a lot of growth. My hair is stronger, healthier and even more beautiful and for that i am proud.

Shaunz xo


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